Meth Rehab Indianapolis: How to Quit Meth

Meth Rehab Indianapolis_ How to Quit Meth

The formation of an addiction to meth is caused by addiction risk factors that include your biology, environment, and development. A major cause of addiction is related to mental health problems which fall into the biological risk factors. If you want to know how to quit meth, then it starts with treating the real causes of meth addiction.

If you’re looking for a meth rehab Indianapolis offers, then The Source offers you everything you need from safe detox to treatment for the true causes of your addiction. How to quit meth starts by reaching out to our accredited drug rehab in Indianapolis where you’ll be guided and supported on your recovery journey.

Signs of Meth Addiction

Before we look at how to quit meth, an important starting point is knowing the signs of meth addiction. Whether it is with yourself or someone you care about, the signs can point to the need for help through our meth rehab in Indianapolis. 

Some of the key signs of meth addiction include the following:

  • Reducing or quitting other activities or hobbies to use meth
  • Cravings for meth
  • Neglecting important things in your life such as work
  • Often using more meth than you intended to or for longer stints than you wanted to
  • Spending a lot of your time getting, using, and recovering from meth
  • Feel withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop
  • Risky use of meth such as before driving
  • Formation of a tolerance
  • Even though mental and physical health is worsening, it doesn’t stop meth use
  • Desire to reduce or quit meth use but being unable to

Why Meth is So Addictive

Meth is a potent stimulant that produces euphoria and increases activity such as talking a lot. The immediate sensation that is produced from smoking or injecting meth adds to its addictiveness. The release of dopamine establishes a reinforced behavior; your brain becomes rewired to continually seek out the reward from using meth until it begins to need it regardless of the consequences.

Long-Term Impacts of Meth Use

The longer the abuse of meth continues, the greater the long-term impacts on your mental and physical health will be. The effects of heavy long-term use may lead to irreparable damage to important areas of the brain. 

The most common long-term meth effects include:

  • Memory loss
  • Damage to brain cells
  • Malnutrition and severe weight loss
  • Mood swings
  • Sleeping problems
  •  Aggressive behavior
  • Lung issues from smoking meth
  • Higher risk of Parkinson’s disease and stroke
  • Perforated septum, nosebleeds, and nasal irritation from snorting meth
  • Higher risk of disease such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis with intravenous meth use
  • Seizures
  • Dental problems, known as “meth mouth”
  • Cardiovascular problems such as cardiac arrest and heart palpitations

Meth Detox for Indianapolis Residents 

If you want to know how to quit meth, then it starts with meth detox. Our drug rehab for Indianapolis residents offers a safe and effective way to overcome meth withdrawal symptoms. While meth withdrawal symptoms tend to be psychological, such as severe depression, it can still be overwhelming and may lead to suicidal thoughts which can be monitored and treated in our meth detox program. 

Residential/Inpatient Meth Rehab

If you are seeking inpatient meth rehab Indianapolis offers, then The Source’s residential drug rehab program is an ideal solution. In our inpatient drug rehab for Indianapolis residents, we offer a conclusive and comprehensive way to treat meth addiction by seeking to treat the causes of your addiction so that sustained recovery becomes possible. 

You’ll live at our comfortable facility where you’ll undergo your personalized treatment including treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders such as PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues. 

Outpatient Rehab for Meth Addiction

If you need outpatient meth rehab Indianapolis offers, then our accredited drug rehab can help you with your recovery needs. Our outpatient rehab offers the same type of behavioral therapies and holistic treatments as our inpatient program but with more autonomy meaning that you can still attend to your responsibilities.

Outpatient rehab for meth is ideal as a transitional form of care after inpatient rehab, helping you to adjust to your new way of life while still being supported and guided. Our outpatient meth rehab program is also the best way to receive meth addiction treatment without needing to drop everything in your life such as work to receive professional help. 

Meth Rehab for Indianapolis Residents at The Source

The Source gives you the best meth rehab Indianapolis offers. It is a healing place where you’ll find not only the holistic and comprehensive treatments to overcome meth addiction, but also the support you need to sustain and improve your recovery. Our accredited drug rehab center connects you to caring healthcare professionals that will light the path to your long-term recovery from meth addiction.

Reach out to The Source today to beat your meth addiction and build a sustainable future that isn’t burdened by meth abuse.