Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)

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Treatments for drug and alcohol addiction have come a long way in the past several years. Since its founding, The Source Addiction Treatment Center has embraced a new wave of treatment therapies and possibilities, including Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). Most substance addictions are rooted in specific underlying causes that frequently include Trauma and or PTSD. RRT is just one of the many modern therapies employed at The Source to treat and minimize trauma’s harmful effects.

The fact that addiction is a medical condition is now undisputed. Addiction is usually a symptom of an underlying condition that is often diagnosed as trauma or PTSD. Events happening as early as infancy can contribute, and until sometime in the early ’90s, much of this was unknown.

Today, there are several ways to treat trauma-related addiction. Some treatment centers offer leading-edge therapies that cater specifically to those addicts diagnosed with trauma or PTSD. One of those methods is called Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT).

RRT is a treatment method designed to help people overcome trauma and the stress of addiction quickly and efficiently. Typically, an effective treatment plan consists of anywhere from two-six sessions, but it could take more or less depending on the depth of each case.

How Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Treatment Works

Trained and certified therapists aim to get directly to the root cause of the problem as soon as they can. Upon discovering the primary issue, they can adequately treat their clients. Those suffering from addiction are treated using hypnosis, and then the therapist guides the client through healing. An experienced therapist will recognize negative thought patterns or behaviors that are associated with trauma and addiction.

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) seeks to eliminate negative emotions caused by remembering traumatic experiences. Although it doesn’t take away the ability to remember, it can help a client to experience different feelings when the memory comes up. Essentially, it removes the triggers but leaves the memory intact. The benefit is the elimination of pain. Rapid Resolution Therapy replaces negative feelings and behaviors with positive thoughts and emotions.

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We truly believe that each client is an individual with unique life circumstances. We help the client recognize and correct the dysfunctional behavior patterns that have overtaken their existence and ultimately heal the pain of the past, so they can lead a healthy, addiction-free life.