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Looking for an alcohol & drug rehab in Fort Lauderdale? We’re local. We help people from Florida and across the country in their recovery journey. Making the decision to go to treatment is like taking a giant step forward. At The Source Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we understand how hard making that decision can be. Most of us were at a point where we too, had to make that decision. But as hard as it may have been, we have never looked back.

At The Source, we agree that the key to a successful recovery program is centered on compassion and a personalized program that suits each client. As we uncover the trauma that may have taken place years before, and identify the underlying conditions, we help each client understand how they got here. And, typically, it is through no fault of their own.

Our compassionate staff has a keen understanding of what addiction is and the pain that is often part of the recovery process; particularly at the start. And we know from our own personal journeys how difficult treatment can be. But we also know the joy and freedom that recovery brings and we are able to share our experience, strength and hope with each of our clients. In our eyes, no one is too far gone. We won’t simply give up on our clients.

Our approach is to work through the pain with you, love you when no one else will, and help you on your way to a life that is filled with hope and joy beyond your wildest dreams.

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