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The Source Addiction Treatment Center

A state-of-the-art treatment and recovery program featuring an individualized
holistic approach to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The Source Treatment Center, located in sunny South Florida features programs that are aimed at long term sobriety. We focus as much on the underlying causes of addiction as the addiction itself; and we offer specialized programs for addicts suffering from dually diagnosed conditions. Our compassionate staff has a keen understanding of what addiction is and the pain that is often part of the recovery process; particularly in the beginning. We understand addiction from the same perspective as our clients because most of us are recovered addicts. We know from our own personal experience how hard getting and staying sober can be. This is just one of the reasons that we are able to relate to our clients on their own level and help them achieve a lifetime of successful sober living.


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The Source Treatment Center graduate Natashia shares her testimony about the healing process in recovery.

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The Source graduate alumni Camie tells her inspirational story about overcoming the struggles of addiction.

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

At The Source, we work with most health insurance plans. We want to be certain that anyone who needs treatment from drug or alcohol addiction is able to get the assistance they need. Our programs and certified professionals meet or exceed the requirements of most insurance carriers. If you or your loved one does not have insurance, please contact us to discuss potential alternatives. We are here to help.


Our Facility

Our Mission at the Source Treatment Center

Is to provide a high level of treatment, care and support with the goal of long term sobriety

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs

The Source differentiates itself from most addiction treatment centers by focusing on the different
needs of each and every client. Our dual diagnosis program aims to treat co-existing conditions
individually, but together. This provides our clients with a totally different approach to a problem that
they may have had little success in solving in the past. From the time of initial intake through
graduation, each client is treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve.


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