Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

WELCOME TO THE SOURCE ADDICTION TREATMENT CENTER & Our Intensive Outpatient Program For Alcohol & Drug Addiction in Fort Lauderdale

Our IOP provides a coordinated transition from PHP while continuing to help those having problems with substance abuse ease into a life of recovery. After detox and perhaps PHP, IOP supports the afflicted in overcoming addictions, trauma, and depression with individualized programs designed to identify and resolve underlying addiction issues. IOP programs are for those who do not require around-the-clock supervision.

The IOP program at The Source facilitates our client’s schedules and enables the resumption of everyday living. Typically, clients in IOP live at home or a half-way house and can resume work or other regular daily responsibilities. IOP provides the perfect bridge in helping both PHP and other clients to smoothly adapt back into family and community life. IOP provides a vital support system to help with relapse management and provide coping strategies.

What to Expect at IOP

When clients transition into IOP from a more intensive program such as PHP, they should feel right at home. IOP is essentially a continuation of PHP but on a more limited and focused schedule. Whereas PHP requires a minimum of 25 hours per week, IOP only requires 9 weekly hours.  This provides a maximum level of flexibility while allowing clients to resume a more typical schedule.

Many of the same therapeutic activities in IOP are consistent with those that were initiated during PHP. The discovery and in-depth exploration of underlying issues are crucial for long term recovery. During the IOP phase of healing, clients do a “deep dive” with their individual therapist into whatever issues may still be holding them back. Then, in group sessions, clients have the opportunity to discuss personal findings with their peers and group facilitators, while sharing personal struggles right alongside personal successes.

Strategy for Preventing Relapses

Individuals afflicted with addiction will have their personal reasons for attending IOP, but relapse prevention is typically the most common motivation. At The Source, much like our more intensive PHP program, our IOP continues to provide an individualized program aimed at uncovering, treating, and defeating the underlying causes of addiction. But what about coping with the triggers that may be pulled at any time during the ordinary course of living?

Unfortunately, the nature of addiction includes relapses. A relapse can be a relatively minor one-time event, or it can launch a full-blown run and all of the consequences that go along with it. The tools and skills that are acquired while attending IOP can make the difference.

A Program for a Life in Recovery

At The Source, we believe that a relapse happens over time and has distinct stages. A key objective of IOP is to help clients recognize the early stages and learn how to process their feelings and urges before they go out of control. Recovery is a personal process, and IOP provides identifiable milestones along the way. Each stage of healing comes with its own risks of relapse and a set of tools to combat the negative thoughts and feelings that are typical before a relapse.

The individual cognitive and behavioral therapy that is an essential component of the IOP program at The Source, combined with group discussions, help to relax the body, mind and spirit while providing the tools to change negative thinking and damaging behavior.

The time to change your life is now, and The Source Addiction Treatment Center is ready to welcome you with open arms. Do not focus on the past! Come to The Source, and together, we will do the work and uncover the real joys and rewards of a life in recovery.

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We truly believe that each client is an individual with unique life circumstances. We help the client recognize and correct the dysfunctional behavior patterns that have overtaken their existence and ultimately heal the pain of the past, so they can lead a healthy, addiction-free life.