Before Treatment

How do I get admitted into your treatment programs?

Please fill out our “Contact Us” form or contact us at 800-204-0418 to talk to one of our addiction specialists. We will conduct a brief assessment to understand your situation and ensure that our program fits your needs. We will also be able to address any concerns or questions you may have.

How quickly can I get into your treatment programs?

Our admissions process can typically accommodate a client within 24 hours following an initial phone consultation.

What should I pack?

Please pack clothing that you will be comfortable in. We recommend packing enough clothing for seven to ten days, we have laundry facilities onsite where you will be able to launder your clothes. Because we are in South Florida near the beach, the weather is always warm. In addition to the beach nearby, there are pools at the houses so bring a swimsuit.

Should I bring my medication(s) to treatment?

Please bring any medications you are currently prescribed — in their original prescription. It is imperative that guests also bring any and all health information that you have on your health status as well as information regarding any current conditions you are being treated for. A health insurance card will also be needed for processing as guests check-in for treatment.

Does my loved one need an intervention?

We have a nationally certified interventionist on staff. The overall objective for an intervention is to confront a person in a non-threatening way that allows them to see their self-destructive behavior and how it affects themselves, family, and friends. We are here to guide you and counsel you in any way necessary.

During Treatment

Does The Source provide detoxification or other medical services?

The Source makes it a priority to partner with some of the best detox facilities in the country who believe what we believe – that all clients should be treated as family. We will be happy to arrange your full continuum of care with a detox followed by a smooth transition to The Source. We will choose a detox based on your particular needs so that your continuum of care is best suited to you.

How long does inpatient or outpatient treatment last?

Addiction treatment programs and services at the source are not defined by number of days but rather by the individual patient’s needs. Each client’s treatment plan will be customized to their mental health needs, special issues and concerns including trauma, relapse prevention, sober-living skills, and return-to-work plan.

Will I get individual sessions with an addiction counselor?

Each treatment plan is truly customized to your specific needs; there is no limit on individual sessions with your primary therapist, trauma therapist, or family therapist.

Can I smoke during treatment?

All our facilities allow for tobacco use, including e-cigarettes/vaping and chewing tobacco, in designated times and areas.

What do I do about my job while in treatment?

A case manager will be assigned to you that will guide and counsel you on how to remain in good standing with your employer. Federal law does not require you to provide details to your employer regarding your treatment status. Our case managers are trained to help you navigate any complications with your employer.

How do I know my treatment at The Source will be kept confidential?

All information you provide is considered private. Your privacy is a number one priority for us before, during, and after your stay. We recognize and strictly adhere to HIPAA laws. As a result, we are not able to provide any information until your loved one signs a disclosure document, which gives us the ability to release medical information and to discuss your treatment.

Will I have my own room?

Our upscale residences have 2 clients per room. Outcome-based research demonstrates that clients are able to connect better when living with a roommate. On occasion, private rooms may be available at an additional cost.

After Treatment

What happens after drug or alcohol treatment?

Recovery from addiction involves daily commitment and continued support. You will be connected with resources and 12-step groups in/around your local area upon discharge from our program. We highly recommend that clients attend therapy sessions and support groups after their inpatient rehab treatment program has been completed. We host regular alumni events, where former clients can talk about their progress and gain valuable advice if they run into any roadblocks in their recovery.

What is The Source Alumni community?

The Source Alumni is a supportive community where you can connect, serve, and belong amongst the same family with who you originally healed. Our alumni events, reunion activities, and speaker events are designed to keep you connected.

Does The Source include treatment for co-occurring disorders?

The Source provides services for co-occurring disorders. A co-occurring disorder is defined as the simultaneous presence of substance abuse disorder and mental illness. Anxiety and depression are oftentimes induced by continuous alcohol and drug abuse therefore, in most cases, it is necessary to differentiate between substance-induced mental illness and pre-existing mental illness. Our therapists are well-equipped to properly diagnose and treat these co-occurring disorders.