Group Therapy

One of the more traditional, yet highly effective, forms of treatment at The Source is group therapy. This form of psychotherapy uses one or more therapists working with several people at a time and can be part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Group therapy is wildly available and exceedingly popular at many treatment centers, but like other aspects of treatment at The Source, we have made it a unique experience.

The Source’s non-judgmental, family-oriented atmosphere is reflected in our group therapy sessions. We make every effort to instill in all our clients the same love and compassion they receive from us to be able to echo that out to one another. A safe and supportive atmosphere is integral to our group therapy sessions, allowing clients to share as freely as they need to fully benefit from their time participating.

Group Therapy at The Source

Group therapy has shown to have many benefits for recovery from addiction. Sharing in a group can help relieve feelings of shame and guilt while building self-confidence when communicating achievements. Receiving feedback from the group and therapists helps people gain a greater understanding of themselves and to realize responsibility.

Social health is another aspect of recovery from not only addiction but also trauma. Painful events can lead to reclusiveness and feelings of distrust. Although group members may feel like strangers at first, over time they can be friends and become one of the best support systems to reconnect with others. Sharing in a safe and supportive environment can reduce the fear of failure and social anxiety. True connections with others can be built through transparency and honesty, allowing group members to genuinely get to know one other.

Being part of a group of other people who are going through similar journeys, gives a sense of belonging as well. This is a fundamental human need, just as food and shelter are, which is essential for healing. Giving and gaining support from others is an effective way to build community and reduce loneliness. Group therapy also inspires hope from seeing others in different stages of recovery and receiving advice on how to navigate certain roadblocks.

Therapy groups can vary from one another or from day to day, but what will always stay the same is the goal that all participants benefit in ways that move them closer to their own individual healing. Group therapy can play a vital role on the road to recovery and is just one of many tools used at The Source to treat our clients holistically.

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We truly believe that each client is an individual with unique life circumstances. We help the client recognize and correct the dysfunctional behavior patterns that have overtaken their existence and ultimately heal the pain of the past, so they can lead a healthy, addiction-free life.