Gender-Specific Group Therapy

Men and women share many similarities in their experience with addiction and recovery but there can be significant differences as well.  We understand that sometimes it’s helpful to share thoughts and feelings with other members of the same gender. We offer gender-specific group therapy so that people have opportunities to communicate in different ways with different groups of peers.

Gender-specific group therapy is basically group therapy for men and women separate from one another. There are fundamental biological, emotional, social, and cultural differences in how men and women experience substance abuse. These differences can be reflected in the causes of substance abuse, how the brain responds to substance use, the feelings that arise as a result of substance abuse. Gender-specific groups are sensitive to all of the unique needs of men and women.

This type of group therapy also helps men and women establish common ground in recovery. It can be more comfortable opening up to people of the same gender.  It allows for more vulnerability and honesty.  It also fosters a deeper connection as people see their own experiences more clearly reflected in others. 

Group Therapy Based on Gender 

Men and women often feel safer and less intimidated being around people of their same gender. For example, women may not feel as comfortable sharing traumatic events with men, especially if they have to do with sexual abuse or violence from men. While men may feel uncomfortable also sharing certain traumatic events or even their own behaviors around women.

It may be especially difficult or feel awkward for women to go through recovery treatment alongside men. The Source offers a unique women-only rehab program, to help build a supportive network of female friends and allow an environment where women can express themselves more openly.

Men also have unique biological and emotional factors that affect their addictions. For example, men are more likely to binge drink and they experience more intense withdrawal symptoms.  Also, excessive alcohol consumption affects male hormone production, which can cause its own set of mental and physical health issues. Taking these factors into account helps create more individualized treatment plans and establish greater treatment success. Gender-specific therapy groups encourage more support and open communication with one another.

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