Healing Relationships Through Family Therapy

The negative effects of addiction can result in numerous damaging consequences, but none are worse than the effect it can have on family relationships. Most parents feel unconditional love for their children, as children do for their parents. Nothing can challenge or break those relationships in a more damaging way than addiction.  In the beginning, it may seem impossible to mend the damage of a broken family relationship; but be assured that it isn’t.

We find that those afflicted with the disease are desperate to mend those broken family relationships but are afraid that the damage they have caused may be beyond repair. The good news is that nothing could be further from the truth. Family members may be hurt and angry, but most want to see their loved ones recover and are just as anxious to mend those broken relationships.

Family therapy plays a central role in all levels of treatment at The Source. Our experience confirms that clients are more likely to recover when they have family support. Even though the process can be challenging, there is hope for even the most damaged family relationships.

Timing of Family Therapy

Since each client is different, and treatment plans are individualized for each client at The Source, family therapy may not be introduced immediately. Sometimes the pain and emotional scars need time to settle, and the client may need time to shed certain resentments or other issues before introducing the family into the mix.

When a family member first speaks with a counselor at The Source about treatment for a loved one, we provide the guidance, affirmation, and reassurance that those family members desperately need. It is important that the entire family is introduced to recovery principles which may involve family sessions without the client being present. This can be accomplished several ways.

At The Source, we encourage parents of the client to attend ALANON meetings, and children of clients to attend ALANON and/or ACOA meetings. There, they can talk and learn from other family members who are working through their own issues with their loved ones.

When both client and family are ready to begin the process of healing the damaged relationship, an experienced addiction family therapist will guide the sessions and at that point the healing process begins almost immediately. Nothing is more gratifying than helping a broken family heal years of pain and suffering.

If you have a loved one who is sick and suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, take the first step. Call The Source Addiction Treatment Center and begin the healing process now.  We are available 24/7 at (800) 204-0418.

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