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Welcome to The Source Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and our alumni program – where our family continues to grow and prosper. Participants in our alumni program have a few things in common – not the least of which is that they worked through their affliction and pain in our PHP, IOP and OP programs to successfully emerge from the nightmare known as addiction. Our alumni do not look back; rather, they look forward toward the future with joy, happiness, and the ability to pursue the life and career of their choice.

If you or a loved one is still suffering, our alumni program may seem like a dream to you. But you are no different than any of our clients who are now part of this program. The people who participate in our alumni program are committed to the principles of fellowship, sponsorship, mentorship and the most importantly, long–term recovery. Our alumni have a common mantra from which they draw upon daily:

“Regardless of the different situations and conditions that occur in life, always strive to do the next right thing. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. But regardless of the circumstances, we always treat people the same way that we ourselves want to be treated, with dignity and respect.”

What to Expect from our Alumni Program

Participants in the alumni program at The Source formally meet monthly for an extended group therapy session. This is the perfect opportunity to share and discuss both successes and challenges. We always devote time to discussing relapse prevention and the simplicity of picking up the phone instead of picking up a drink or a drug. We are reminded of the value of calling a brother or a sister who cares about you instead of your dealer who just wants money and doesn’t care about your sobriety. We hold each other accountable, which in turn makes us accountable to ourselves.

We also get together to enjoy the fruits of our recovery in recreational activities. Whether it’s a softball game, bowling, or attending a sporting event or a movie together, we rejoice in our freedom and our newfound ability to live life on life’s terms.  We have learned what we can and cannot choose in life, and rather than drinking or drugging our problems away, we have the ultimate support group. We are all brothers and sisters in one big family and with a single common goal – to live a life filled with joy, without the use of drugs or alcohol.

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If you or a loved one wants a place in our Alumni Program, find out what it takes to get here. Please speak with one of our professional addiction counselors by calling (800) 204-0418. The Source is not a typical addiction treatment center. Call today and find out why.

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