Holistic Therapies Used in Addiction Treatment


Holistic Therapies Used in Addiction Treatment

Addiction Therapies that Heal the Whole Person

Addiction is a complicated disease that affects every system in our bodies, and as a result, it requires a holistic approach to treatment. Addressing both mental and physical health as part of the treatment process has shown great success. As we continue to learn more about the risk factors and genetic components of addiction, we are able to understand how impactful holistic treatment is in the treatment of drug or alcohol addiction.

Why Take A Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment?

Incorporating a holistic approach to addiction treatment has shown great success in not only addiction recovery but all other aspects of a person’s life as well.  Holistic addiction care is provided through a wealth of effective therapies and traditional addiction treatments.  Examples of effective therapies used in holistic addiction treatment include:

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an opportunity to have 1:1 time with a compassionate therapist to help identify and process the root causes of your addiction, past trauma, or anything you need assistance in healing from.  Medication assisted treatment can also be utilized in individual therapy to address cooccurring mental health disorders, decrease cravings for drugs or alcohol, minimize withdrawal symptoms,  and return to normal brain functioning. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and dialectical behavior therapy may also be used in individual therapy so you can learn new ways to “retrain” your brain and reprocess negative, intrusive thoughts. 

Group Therapy

Many of the therapies used in treating addiction and holistic addiction treatment are in the form of group therapy.  This allows clients to share successes and struggles with peers who have similar experiences.  Group therapies can also teach about relapse prevention or may operate similarly to a 12-step program.  Recovery coaching can also be done in group therapy and 

Gender Specific Therapy

Addiction impacts men and women differently, so having therapy that is specific to their experiences is another benefit of holistic addiction care.  Studies have shown that men and women often have different reasons for turning to drugs or alcohol; men often view drug use as a way to be more social or improve performance, however, for women, substance use is usually a way to self-medicate.  Addressing these gender specific root causes in substance abuse treatment provides a more individualized approach to treatment.

Art and Music Therapy

Music and art therapies are a fun and creative way to acknowledge and express your emotions, something that can be very hard to do for people in early recovery.  Both art and music therapies can be incredibly relaxing and can provide comfort for those with cooccurring mental health conditions.  

Nutrition Therapy

Addiction robs us of a lot of things, but arguably one of the most detrimental ways is inadequate nutrition.  Nutrition Therapy, usually done in a group setting, is facilitated by a Registered Dietitian and its purpose is to educate about proper nutrition, adding supplements to restore depleted levels, and the benefits of exercise.  Proper nutritional counseling should be included as part of your personalized treatment plans.

HIV Education

Regardless of sexual preferences, everyone should be educated on the risks, symptoms, and preventive measures of HIV.  The risk of contracting HIV is especially high in those with heroin or opioid addictions or who use and share needles.


Biofeedback is a way for those struggling with addiction to learn how to regain control of their mind and body.  A treatment provider trained in Biofeedback will attach sensors to your skin that measure your heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, rate of breathing, and muscle contractions that occur as a result of seeing or hearing the flashing lights, sounds, and images shown to you.  Monitoring these involuntary responses can help identify triggers and times when the use of coping skills or mindfulness would be beneficial. 


Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy that combines hypnosis with psychotherapy as part of substance abuse treatment.  These sessions are guided by an experienced treatment provider and have been shown to quickly and effectively relieve symptoms associated with drug addiction as well as mental health conditions.  

Holistic Addiction Treatment at The Source

The Source is a luxury rehab located in gorgeous Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Their employees have a unique understanding of the treatment process as many of them are recovering addicts as well.  Their compassion and drive to help you achieve your dream of sober living are unmatched.  They offer traditional addiction treatments as well as leading edge alternative therapies to provide the most holistic approach to treating addiction.  The Source offers everything from residential addiction treatment, to intensive outpatient, and inpatient rehab to fit your unique needs and circumstances.  For more information on The Source, please call (800)204-0418.