Healthy Living in Recovery: Healthy Restaurants in Miami

Healthy Living in Recovery Healthy Restaurants in Miami - The Source Addiction Treatment Center

Top Miami Restaurants That Are Healthy and Delicious 

Recovery is the perfect opportunity to take on new hobbies, travel, heal, and do some soul searching.  While you’re focusing on improving your life, why not devote some of that time into improving your health?  We have found some tasty spots in Miami where you can enjoy quality food that will make you a foodie in no time!

Importance of Healthy Foods in Recovery

Addiction to drugs and alcohol takes a huge toll on your overall health and wellbeing, and arguably one of the most detrimental ways is inadequate nutrition.  When in active addiction, maintaining a balanced diet is not the top priority for most people, and you may have noticed that you skip meals or eat foods that offer little to no nutritional value.  Addressing this in recovery allows your body to heal and promotes better brain functioning. 

Nutrient-dense foods are a great way to improve brain health and thus positively impact how you feel overall.  Addiction can also cause deficiencies in vital vitamins in our bodies such as folic acid, B12, thiamine, vitamin C, and other B vitamins.  These deficiencies can contribute to a weaker immune system, GI issues, and dental problems.

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Foods That Are Good for Recovering Addicts

A nutrient-rich, balanced diet is very important during the first year of recovery to help your body heal and improve your mood.  Speak to your dietitian to develop a meal plan that meets your body’s needs and that is reasonable for you to maintain.  An adequate daily meal plan would have all of the following:

  • Complex carbs should make up 50-55% of your daily caloric intake.  These could be grains, fruits, or vegetables.
  • 2-3 cups of dairy products or foods that are high in calcium.  Kale, milk, cheese, or tofu are all great sources of calcium.
  • 4-8 ounces of protein, this could be meat, fish, or tofu.
  • “Good fats” should be added in moderation, roughly 30% of daily caloric intake.  Examples of this are avocado, olive oil, or flaxseed.
  • Fiber should also be included in your diet to improve gut health.
  • You may need to include supplements to replenish depleted levels in your body as well.

Healthy Restaurants in Miami to Try

Jar + Fork

270 E Flager Street Miami, FL 33131

This health-focused cafe offers paleo and vegan wraps, bowls, and cold-pressed juices.  They pack their meals with superfoods that contain high concentrations of nutrients that will get you well on your way to improved health.


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Lilikoi Organic Living 

500 South Point Drive #180
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Lilikoi offers organic, Hawaiian-inspired seasonal dishes as well as juices and smoothies.  All of their ingredients are locally and organically sourced.  From breakfast to dinner, meals to juice shooters, they’ve got you covered. 


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Love Life Cafe

2616 NW 5th Avenue Miami, FL 33127

Love Life Cafe serves delicious plant-based foods made with fresh, local ingredients.  Owners Diego and Veronica, bring their love of healthy eating, extensive experience in plant-based nutrition, and desire to promote a conscious business, together to create some of the best vegan dishes in the world.  



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