Fort Lauderdale Man Thanks The Source Addiction Treatment Center for Providing The Tools for Successful Recovery

Fort Lauderdale Man Thanks The Source Addiction Treatment Center for Providing The Tools for Successful Recovery

A Fort Lauderdale man recently took to Google to express his appreciation for the treatment he received at The Source for his successful recovery.  In a review he stated, “This is a stand up 5 star place.  Top notch treatment.  Everything u need, anything necessary to succeed in your treatment.  Staff genuinely care about you, and the medical staff really give you the care and tools to make a successful recovery, they saved my life.”

What Makes The Source A 5 star Addiction Treatment Center?

The Source prides themselves on providing superior addiction treatment to every client who comes to them in their time of need.  Many of the employees at The Source have overcome addictions of their own, so they understand scary going to rehab can be and will work tirelessly to ensure everyone feels welcomed and supported.  They offer several levels of care to provide access to treatment with the least restrictions to your daily life.  In their Partial Hospitalization Program with Housing, patients live in one of their luxury, single family residences while they receive treatment.  For many, PHP is a great place to start addiction treatment after detox and provides the most intensive option in terms of hours in treatment each week.  For those looking for support after rehab, they offer outpatient programs as well as an alumni program to drive home the tools needed to have a successful recovery. 

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To help determine which program best fits each clients’ needs, an individualized intake process is done upon admission.  A detailed assessment is done to identify both psychological and medical needs and to evaluate substance use and trauma clients have experienced.  Once the assessment is completed, a personalized treatment plan is developed and treatment can begin. 

The Source specializes in dual diagnosis treatment, which means someone has both an addiction and a (usually untreated) mental health diagnosis.  Treating both aspects allows for optimal success in recovery.  Another key aspect of treatment will be helping clients identify and address underlying causes of addiction through intensive individual and group therapies.  Examples of therapies may include biofeedback and sound therapy, Rapid Resolution Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming, Hypnotherapy, Trauma Tension Releasing Exercises, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Art & Music Therapies.  Utilizing trauma focused therapies in treatment plans allows clients to quickly and effectively heal from the symptoms associated with trauma, making treating the addiction ultimately more effective.  

Medical Support During Addiction Treatment

To help support comfort during the course of treatment, medications can be ordered as part of a treatment plan.  Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) combines behavioral therapies, individual therapy, and medication to support the “whole person” during treatment.  Medications used in MAT have been approved by the FDA and have been clinically proven to support successful recovery as well as opioid overdoses.  MAT is typically most helpful in opioid addiction and alcoholism, but can be beneficial for other courses of treatment as well.  To learn more about if MAT could be advantageous in your treatment, speak to your doctor. 

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