When you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, you may feel as though you have no way of coming out of the black hole that you are in. Alcohol is readily available seemingly anywhere in our society. Whether you stop by the liquor store to pick up your drink of choice or you park yourself at the local bar for the night, what may start out as one innocent drink could easily spiral into a night of regret.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call The Source today.  Our treatment specialists are available 24/7 to discuss your options and help you find the perfect solution (800) 204-0418.

If you are ready to leave the impact of alcohol on your life in the past, The Source team is here to help you. We help you put together a treatment plan that is unique to your needs. Our team walks with you every step of the way so that you can develop a better understanding of what may have led to your addiction and what you need to do to overcome it once and for all.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

We recognize the fact that many of our clients need to remove themselves from a certain environment in order to fully recover from the impact of alcohol addiction. With this understanding, we developed our partial hospitalization program. This program gives you the benefit of knowing that you will receive the around-the-clock care that you need during this transitional time in your life.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

As addiction experts, we understand that every client may not always have the flexibility to be able to attend our partial hospitalization program which is one of the reasons why we put together our outpatient program. A member of our team will work closely with you to design a program that will not impede on the personal or professional responsibilities that you may need to adhere to. We understand that many of our clients may have a family that needs to be taken care of which is part of what makes an alcohol detox program a perfect alternative.

What is Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Like?

Clients that don’t have the ability to work through our partial hospitalization program have the option to enroll in our outpatient program. We will help you put together an outpatient program that will consist of at least three hours a week of group therapy as well as an hour a week of individual therapy. If you have ever been to a 12-step meeting, you will notice that the format of group therapy is very similar to a 12-step meeting. During these sessions, you will have the chance to interact with other people in your group during guided conversations about a variety of topics including addiction, sobriety, and recovery. Participating in group therapy is an excellent way for you to continue to grow and develop your system of support as well as expand your understanding of addiction and related topics.

Individual therapy is an excellent way for you to connect with a member of our team on a personal level. You may initially feel uncomfortable talking about certain events of your life in a group setting. Individual therapy can help you to become more comfortable and allows our team to check in with you in regards to how you feel your recovery program is progressing. If any adjustments need to be made to your program or you have concerns, this is an excellent time to address them.

What is Alcohol Rehab like at The Source?

It’s important that your experience at The Source will likely be unique in comparison to other clients due to the fact that we design a treatment program around your unique needs. We take the time to develop a deeper understanding of your story and your background so that we can help you to put in place a treatment plan that will help you to recognize your sobriety.

Although group therapy and individual therapy will play an important factor regardless of which recovery program you decide to work through, we also give our clients the opportunity to participate in some of the leading trauma-based therapies, like women’s rehab that are known throughout the addiction treatment world. When you reach out to a member of our team, we are happy to speak with you more about therapeutic techniques that we use to help you to address and eventually overcome the traumas that you may have experienced in your life. Keep in mind that we will never force you to participate in a form of therapy that makes you feel uncomfortable, however, we recommend that you keep an open mind about treatment options when you begin your program.

What Happens After Rehab?

Once you decide to come to our facility for treatment, you will be a member of The Source family for the rest of your life. We recognize that many of our clients may feel apprehensive or returning back to “normal life” once they are done with treatment which is just one of the reasons why we developed our Alumni Program. Our Alumni Program puts you in touch with other clients that have completed their own respective programs. You will have the opportunity to attend group meetings with other The Source alumni as well as participate in different activities that our facility will organize for you and other alumni. A member of our team will speak with you more about our Alumni Program once you get closer to the end of your program.

When you are ready to commit yourself to a treatment program that can help you to overcome your addiction and change your life, The Source staff is ready to help you. Our team is available around the clock to help you take the initial steps toward your recovery today. We can address any of your questions or concerns during this call and, in most cases, we can have you set up with a treatment program and have you on your way to our Fort Lauderdale facility within 24 hours of the first time that you reached out to us. Please call us today at (800) 204-0418 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you develop your treatment program.