Intensive Outpatient Program

The Source’s IOP Fort Lauderdale, Florida Intensive Outpatient Program is a 60 to 90-day program providing between 9 and 15 hours per week of personalized treatment. This program allows clients to live unsupervised and travel to
The Source’s clinical center. As a participant in this program, clients can take advantage of treatment
options during any of our day, or evening programs.
Depending upon each clients’ medical and clinical assessments, Intensive Outpatient may be
recommended for individuals who

  • Do not require medically supervised detoxification
  • Live within driving distance from The Source’s clinical center
  • Have completed a residential inpatient program and are seeking additional support in their early

During treatment, each client is assigned to a treatment team including a primary counselor and
chemical dependency counselor. The team is responsible for assessing and working with their clients to
establish an individualized plan of care and post–treatment recommendations to support ongoing
recovery. Each session is filled with treatment activities including individual and group therapy sessions,
as well as educational lectures. Clients are also asked to attend 12–Step meetings in the community and
begin establishing a sober support system.

Our (IOP) Intensive Outpatient Program provides our clients an opportunity to live at home or in a sober
environment and work in the community during treatment. Clients begin to implement their recovery
skills immediately and have the opportunity to process their experience in a safe and supportive group
environment. Each client is able to establish a foundation for life and long term sobriety.
The Source, Inc. accepts most out-of-network insurance benefits. We assist our clients with benefit
verification and utilization review and billing for those who have benefits that are applicable. As with
any insurance, each client is responsible for any deductibles or co-payments required by their insurance