Healthy Living in Recovery: Best Beaches in Miami for People in Recovery

Healthy Living in Recovery_ Best Beaches in Miami for People in Recovery

Regardless of how old you are, any person that has ever been to a beach in Miami will tell you that it is truly a great experience. The beaches around Miami are filled with sober friendly things that you can do and likely enjoy more now that you have removed the influence of drugs or alcohol from your life.

Visit These Miami Beaches

If you live in or you’re visiting the Miami area, there are plenty of fun beaches that you can visit. Something that you may want to consider is making your outing a group or a family event. Dedicating a day to spending some fun in the sun with the ones that you love is a great way to help you to reconnect with them. Of course, you can always opt to begin your day enjoying a beautiful sunrise which can allow you to focus on your upcoming day. Have you had a stressful day? Why not take the time to relax, breathe in the fresh salt air and watch the sunset? Regardless of how you decide to spend your time at the beach, you are sure to enjoy it.

Benefits of Being in Nature for People in Recovery

If you don’t consider yourself to be an outdoor person, you are truly missing out on something special. Being in nature can be extremely helpful and beneficial as you work your way through a recovery program. Here are some of the advantages of setting aside time to spend in nature:

  • Stress reduction
  • Great opportunity for exercise
  • Sunlight can help you to feel better psychologically
  • Gives you a wonderful opportunity to refocus

Benefits of Relaxing and Being in the Moment

Have you ever closed your eyes and listened to the sounds of the beach? Even if you decide to go to the beach when it’s busy, you will still be able to hear the waves crash on the shore and the wind as it rustles the sand. When you can find ways to relax and be in the moment, you will enjoy a life that much more. When you’re lost in the trap of addiction, it’s impossible for you to take advantage of life in every way possible. By relaxing and putting yourself in the moment, you will be able to experience new and exciting aspects of your life.

Beaches in and Around Miami

Are you ready to make plans to visit a Miami beach? Here are some of the popular options:

South Beach is arguably one of the most famous beaches in the Miami area. You will find everything that you need right on the beach to enjoy a full day here. From delicious food to different fun events held on a nearly daily basis along the span of the beach, you won’t run out of sober-friendly activities that you can participate in.

South Beach is located on Ocean Drive, Miami, Florida 33139.


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12th Street Beach is an example of a clean and peaceful beach in the Miami area. People come here throughout the day to enjoy the atmosphere, however, there are several other people that find a sense of solitude by visiting the 12th Street Beach first thing in the morning to watch the sunrise or later in the day to watch the sun go down.

12th Street Beach is located at 12th Street, Miami Beach, Florida 33139.


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North Shore Open Space Park is known as a family-friendly and quiet beach. It’s the best place to visit if you want to go for a long swim or take part in any other type of water activity.

7929 Atlantic Way, Miami Beach, Florida 33141.


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