Healthy Living in Recovery: Best Beaches in Fort Lauderdale

The Source Addiction Treatment Center - Healthy Living in Recovery Best Beaches in Fort LauderdaleBest Beaches for Sober Living in Fort Lauderdale 

Completing an addiction treatment program is no small feat, and definitely something worth celebrating.  Through the course of your time in rehab, you probably felt a huge range of emotions from fear and pain to hope, peace and strength. At The Source we know from our own personal recovery journeys how hard the process can be, particularly at the start.  And we are all living examples of the joy and freedom that comes from a life in recovery!

Once you’ve completed treatment and accomplished this incredible turning point in your life, we are here to continue to support your sobriety and your ongoing personal growth.  For people in early recovery, it’s important to rediscover ways to have fun and stay connected that are positive and support your continued recovery.  

For people in Fort Lauderdale and other parts of South Florida, the beach offers an amazing opportunity to get outside and have fun in positive and healthy ways.  Whether you want to get some exercise, decompress with a relaxing walk or swim, or play a game of beach volleyball with your friends, the beach is a perfect venue.

Benefits of Being in Nature for People in Recovery

According to the American Psychological Association, time spent in nature can provide a wealth of health benefits.  It’s true, time spent in the great outdoors has been shown to improve attention, decrease stress, elevate your mood, and can even make you more empathetic.  Nature has also been shown to improve cognitive functioning in adults and children.  Researchers propose this is because as humans, we have evolved from living in nature so our brains are essentially hardwired to need time outside, and when we have that time we are happier and healthier.  

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Benefits of Relaxing and Being in the Moment

Relaxation, and more specifically meditation have incredible benefits to your overall health and wellbeing.  Meditation teaches you to focus on your thoughts and the present moment to achieve a peaceful meditative state.  Being aware of intrusive thoughts and consciously choosing to focus your attention on other things can be extremely difficult, that is why practice is so important, especially in early recovery.  Meditation has also been shown to increase your emotional wellbeing and prevent relapses. 


Visit These Fort Lauderdale Area Beaches

Fort Lauderdale has no shortage of beautiful beaches to explore.  Fort Lauderdale Beach, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Hollywood Beach, and Dania Beach are all highly recommended due to their serene and peaceful views.  

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale beach boasts seven miles of white sand and miles of paved trails for walking, biking, or blading is sure to provide the rest and relaxation you need!  Fort Lauderdale Beach also has ample water sports to participate in if you’re craving a more adventurous beach experience.  Fort Lauderdale Beach Park offers a place to play some sand volleyball, basketball, or catch one of their free Friday Night Sound Wave Concerts.  Take a look at this drone footage of the beach and you will surely be packing your bags in no time!  



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Lauderdale By The Sea

Located just five miles from Fort Lauderdale, this charming beach town is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Anglins Fishing Pier is a great place to fish and no fishing license is required if you are on the pier.  Snorkeling down to see the three-tiered coral reef is another popular adventure here.  If you’re hungry, make sure to stop by Beach Café for breakfast, lunch, or dinner or check out some other the other restaurants or shops all within walking distance. 



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Hollywood Beach

Just a short, 14-mile drive from Fort Lauderdale is one of the best beaches in the state of Florida.  This Atlantic Ocean-facing beach is home to a 2.5-mile boardwalk that overlooks the beach.  Dogs are welcomed at this beach, so be sure to bring your four-legged friend on your aquatic adventures.



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Dania Beach

If you are looking for some relaxation time at the beach without the hassle of large crowds, Dania Beach is just for you!  Located about six miles south of Fort Lauderdale, this beach has everything to offer except loud crowds and packed beaches.  Quarterdeck Restaurant is a great place to grab a bite to eat and watch the sunset as well. 



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