Fort Lauderdale Woman Thanks The Source Addiction Treatment Center For Helping Her Son Heal

Fort Lauderdale Woman Thanks The Source Addiction Treatment Center For Helping Her Son Heal

The Source, a Fort Lauderdale addiction treatment center, helps a woman whose son became addicted to alcohol. In her 5-star Google review of The Source, she explained how incredibly helpful the source was in helping her son with his addiction taking the opportunity to send special thanks to Randy from The Source.

Alcohol use disorder is a devastating mental health disorder that can tear families apart as the person becomes more and more reliant on alcohol and their behavior and thinking turn into ways to get more alcohol. In her review, she said that she had spoken to Randy late in 2021 about her son and his addiction, also mentioning that he was suffering from depression. She was finally able to get her son into rehab at the Fort Lauderdale addiction treatment center where he went right into alcohol detox.

The Dangers of Alcohol Detox

One of the main dangers of alcohol detox is that the withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that they can be life-threatening. This stresses the importance of seeking professional help for alcohol addiction treatment before trying to stop alone. Her son went into a medical detox program immediately when he started his personalized addiction treatment plan to ensure that he made a safe recovery followed by comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment to help him with his addiction and dual diagnosis treatment to help him with his depression.

The Link Between Depression and Alcohol Addiction

When a mental health disorder such as depression co-occurs with addiction, which is also classified as a mental health disorder, it is called co-occurring mental health disorder. The reviewer’s son was suffering from depression and it’s likely that he used alcohol to try and cope. Unfortunately, without professional help, the situation only gets worse as the depression persists and is made worse by the presence of an addiction to alcohol. The use of alcohol to self-medicate inevitably becomes a far-reaching problem.

The Source provides dual diagnosis treatment which seeks to treat addiction as well as co-occurring mental health disorders, which in this case is depression. Through the professional help, her son found at The Source as well as the family-like support they received, her son is on the road to recovery from both his depression and addiction.

Healing and Recovery

At our Fort Lauderdale addiction treatment center, we were able to put her son on the path to recovery and healing. We understand how difficult it is to face an addiction especially when you are struggling with depression or other mental health disorders. At our addiction recovery center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, our comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment programs were able to help not only heal her son’s addiction and depression but also heal the family bond that was shaken by the addiction.

Substance abuse can be treated in our alcohol rehab through intensive outpatient programs and inpatient rehab programs. We offer family resources to help people with addiction as well as their family’s recovery and heal from the difficulties they face. Our treatment facility is the best place to bring your loved ones that may be in need of professional help to overcome their drug or alcohol abuse and addiction.

Whether through our inpatient alcohol rehab or intensive outpatient programs, you will have access to behavioral health therapy through individual therapy and group therapy. We are Joint Commission accredited and our detox programs can help to overcome the dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can occur during detox.

Call us now so that we can assist you through the various levels of care that we provide for alcohol addiction.