FARR Certification Raises the Standard of Care in Florida’s Recovery Residences

The Source Addiction Treatment Center Fort Lauderdale - The Mission of FARR Certification for Recovery Residences in Florida

The Florida Association of Recovery Residences has made it their mission to “expand stable housing for those afflicted with substance use issues, with or without co-occurring conditions.”  Facilities that hold the FARR certification meet strict criteria to promote recovery-oriented housing to those who struggle with addiction.  This unique and highly sought-after title identifies facilities that go above and beyond to meet the needs of their clients and community.

What is FARR?  

Founded in 2011, FARR was developed to evaluate and monitor the services provided by residential treatment facilities in Florida.  FARR provides training for owners and staff of Recovery Residences to enhance the quality of the services they provide.  FARR certification is awarded to facilities that are compliant with NARR Standards and the FARR Code of Ethics.  FARR is also committed to participating in research studies focused on recovery management.   

What is a Recovery Residence?  

Simply put, a Recovery Residence is an addiction treatment center that meets the standards put in place by FARR and follows a strict Code of Ethics to promote quality care to the clients they serve.

FARR’s Quality Standards for Recovery Residences

In order to receive a FARR Certification, addiction treatment centers must follow these quality standards:

  • Operate with Integrity

FARR requires both a clear mission and vision statement that follows NARR’s fundamental principles.

  • Uphold residents’ right

Facilities are expected to protect the privacy of their clients

Encourage their clients to advocate for themselves and others

Effectively communicate rights prior to signing any paperwork.

  • Recovery-oriented

Recovery is viewed as person-driven

Clients receive holistic care; treating both the mind and body

The facility is culturally competent

  • Governed and peer staffed

Peers and leaders are utilized in meaningful ways

Residents and leaders maintain recovery principles

Foster an environment of recovery support

Involve staff in governance opportunities

Provide appropriate training for staff and ensure they maintain their credentials

  • Promote Health

Connect residents with community-based support

Provide encouragement to residents

Provide recovery support in both a formal and social environment

  • Provide a Home

Maintain a secure, physically and emotionally safe, respectful space

Provide an environment free from drugs or alcohol

  • Inspire purpose by promoting meaningful activities

  • Cultivate Community

Create an environment where people feel welcomed and supported like family

Connect clients with mentors of their peers to provide additional support

Connect residents to recovery resources within the community they reside

  • Promote recovery by maintaining an environment that feels like home and facilitates the development of emergency plans and home safety.

  • The addiction treatment center must maintain a good relationship with the community it is in, abides by all local laws, and respond swiftly to neighborhood concerns.

The Source Addiction Treatment Center FL - FARR Certification - Certification for Recovery Residences in Florida

The Source is now FARR Certified

The compassionate and supportive care provided by The Source has not only made it a top-rated addiction treatment center, but it is now among the few facilities that bear the title of being FARR certified.  Potential residents at the Source can feel confident they will receive quality care because they have upheld this strict Code of Ethics.  In fact, one of the requirements to be considered FARR certified is being onsite compliant.  This means that FARR will have unrestricted access to talk with any staff or resident to ensure that the residence is compliant with policies and is providing a safe, drug & alcohol-free, supported recovery experience.