A Personal Experience Attending a Drug Rehab IOP Program in Pompano Beach

Learn about what it’s like at IOP drug rehabs in Pompano Beach. South Florida is a diverse beachfront community located just south of Fort Lauderdale. It’s known for its marinas, beaches, and ironically it’s multiple strip bars or Gentleman’s Clubs. This article will focus on Mike T., a 36-year-old former manager of one of those strip clubs.

Once a hopeless alcoholic, Mike completed a 90-day inpatient residential treatment program and, more recently, attended an IOP Program in Pompano Beach. His story is fairly typical of someone who got caught up in the rat race of life and thought drink and drugs could hasten his problems without severe consequences. He was wrong.

Fast Times at Bridgeport High First Warning Sign on Need IOP Drug Rehabs in Pompano Beach


Mike grew up in the historic Connecticut Seaport City of Bridgeport. Bridgeport is Connecticut’s largest city and with nearly 150,000 residents, the fifth-most populous city in New England. Bridgeport experienced tremendous growth industrially during the first half of the 20th century. However, by the end of the 20th century, as with many northern industrial towns, the city had fallen into a state of shuttered factories, warehouses, and high unemployment. Crime rates rose along with increasing rates of addiction and homelessness. Mike turned 16 in 2000, and at the time, attending an IOP drug rehab program in Pompano Beach was the furthest thing from his mind.

Mike was a very decent student when he attended Bridgeport High School. He played soccer on the varsity team and had a part-time job at a local garage. This gave him time and opportunity to work on his car, a 1985 IROC Camaro. With his good looks and charm, Mike was popular and enjoyed his High School years, until he reached his senior year; the year he met booze and cocaine.

Since he was already accepted to The University of Miami, Mike became less interested in good grades than partying during his last year in High School. He was popular with the girls, had money in his pocket, and eventually always managed to have some coke as well. That made him even more popular and began to really feed his ego. During the summer between high school and leaving for college, Mike got his first DUI, a telling sign of what laid ahead for him. Soon he would be looking for help in south Florida from IOP drug rehabs Deerfield Beach to Pompano beach.

University of Miami – Just a Short Drive from an IOP Drug Rehab Program in Pompano Beach


Mike’s first year at the University of Miami was a long way off from an IOP drug rehab program in Pompano Beach. That year was filled with girls, frat parties, drugs, and booze – indeed a year of sex, drugs, and rock n roll! He managed to maintain acceptable grades and remained in Florida during the summer. He was not as fortunate in his second year and was placed on academic probation. As he continued consuming drugs and alcohol at an alarming rate, his sub-standard grades forced him to quit school in the middle of his third year. Needless to say, his parents were disgraced.

He moved to Fort Lauderdale, where he soon met Sasha, a stripper in a local club who was 10 years his senior. Sasha was a heroin addict and part-time prostitute, as well as a stripper. Mike was intoxicated by her, and after just a few weeks, they had moved in together. In hindsight, Mike recognizes that this was probably the biggest mistake of his life.

Wild Times and Multiple Addictions lead to an IOP Drug Rehab Programs in Pompano Beach


Mike and Sasha stayed together for several years. Mike eventually was able to get a job doing security at the same club Sasha was working. He actually enjoyed watching her perform and was not possessive when patrons of the club grabbed at her. However, by this time, Mike was pretty much intoxicated most of the time and was showing interest in some of the other strippers at the club. Little did he know that he would eventually end up in rehab and an IOP Program in Pompano Beach.

By the time he received his third DUI, Mike’s parents had pretty much had enough and refused to post his bail. He ended up in jail for over a week before he was finally able to make bail, and knew that with his record, his jail time was probably not over. These are the bad times. It was already 2016, and Mike was well aware that he had been wasting his life and thought that he might be too far gone to ever get back in control. He had never really considered rehab or attending an IOP drug rehab program in Pompano Beach.

A Judge, Detox, Inpatient Residential Drug Rehab and an IOP Program

Mike was being tried for his third DUI. After nicely cleaning himself up, he went to court with his public defender. They went in front of the same judge as his 2nd DUI – which may have been his saving grace. The judge took mercy on Mike, and after suspending his license for 12 months, he gave him a choice. Mike had to decide between attending a 30-day inpatient residential substance abuse treatment program followed by an IOP Program in Pompano Beach, or spend six months in jail. No Surprise; he chose treatment.

Mike was 32, a college dropout, heavily addicted to alcohol, and using an assortment of other drugs. He had no money, and by this time, he had split with Sasha and was staying in a filthy rooming house filled with other unfortunates. His parents wanted nothing to do with him, and he felt more alone than at any time in his life. He says that he even contemplated suicide.

Before he could enter the 30-day residential program, he had to detox. Later he said it was the most challenging thing he had ever done, but had he not, he surely would be dead. After several days in detox, he was finally ready to enter treatment.

A 30-day Residential Program followed by an IOP Drug Rehab Program

From residential to IOP drug rehabs in Pompano Beach there is a lot to learn. Some people grasp the principles of recovery very quickly, and others fight it tooth and nail. Mike is one of the folks who quickly understood what was at stake and really wanted to turn his life around. He remembered happy times during his childhood and desperately wanted to be happy again. He reached out to his parents, who wished him luck but were not yet ready to engage. That was painful for him, but he persevered.

At rehab, Mike took advantage of both group and individual therapy. He had also learned about mindfulness, and slowly but surely, his way of thinking began to change. He also began attending 12 Step meetings and was very proud when he received his first 30-day chip. Mike remained in residential treatment for 90 days before beginning his IOP Program in Pompano Beach.

While attending IOP, Mike began adjusting – ever so slowly – to sober life. With help from treatment centers like our drug rehabs Fort Lauderdale, Mike moved into a halfway house with some acquaintances. He was able to get a decent job managing a mail-room in a Fort Lauderdale office building. Luckily, the bus stopped a block away. Mike was getting his life together!

Living Life in Recovery After IOP Drug Rehab Programs in Pompano Beach

The Source drug rehabs Pompano Beach Florida

Without a doubt, Mike is one of the fortunate ones. He took to sober living right away. Although he has relapsed twice, they were brief, and he immediately reached out for help. After the second relapse, he chose for a second time to attend an IOP drug rehab programs in Pompano Beach.

Let Mike’s story speak for itself. From early childhood, he seemed destined for success. He took a wrong turn in his senior year of high school and traveled down a road that none of us would wish for. Drugs and alcohol forced him to drop out of college. For years, he lived a life of intoxication with a heroin-addicted stripper and part-time hooker. After a third DUI and facing jail time, a compassionate judge gave him a choice – and he made the right decision.

If an IOP drug rehab program in Pompano Beach, Florida could help Mike, it could help you too.

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