Best Drug Rehab for Virginia Residents 

Struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol is never something that a person asks for or wants. In nearly every case, if you were to tell a person that by consuming a substance for the first time they would ultimately become addicted to it, the odds are that they would never take it. However, every day more and more people fall into the trap of drug or alcohol addiction. This deadly disease is something that could ultimately be life-ending unless you receive the professional care and help that you need. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call The Source today.  Our treatment specialists are available 24/7 to discuss your options and help you find the perfect solution (800) 204-0418.

From the moment that you reach out to The Source drug rehab intake team, you will feel the care and support that our staff has to offer. We will take the time to learn more about your history of drug addiction so that we can help you to develop a plan for treatment that suits your individual needs and goals. 

Best Alcohol Rehab for Virginia Residents 

An addiction to alcohol is something that impacts every person differently. However, an addiction to alcohol is one that can be particularly challenging to overcome since alcohol is a substance that is so readily available. During your time in alcohol rehab, you will take the time to learn more about the root cause of your addiction. The root cause of addiction usually revolves around experiencing some form of trauma in your life. At The Source, you will participate in different forms of therapy that will help you to not only identify the root cause of your addiction but heal from it. The types of therapy that you can expect to experience during the time that you’re in treatment include: 

  • Group therapy 
  • Behavioral therapy 
  • Individual therapy 
  • Family counseling 
  • Trauma-based therapy  


Best Opioid Rehab Program for Virginia Residents 

If you’re considering working through an opioid addiction treatment plan then one of the questions that you may have is about the different types of programs that you can take advantage of when you come to our Fort Lauderdale facility. At The Source, you will have the opportunity to choose which of the following treatment plans you would like to commit to: 

Partial Hospitalization Program 

A partial hospitalization program is the most structured treatment program that we offer at The Source. Clients that opt to work through this program will live in one of our beautiful single-family residences that are located nearby the incredible Fort Lauderdale beach. Not only will you have a home away from home type of environment during your time in recovery but you will also have around the clock access to our treatment team and participate in a minimum of 25 hours per week in therapy. 

Intensive Outpatient Program 

An intensive outpatient program can be used as a step-down program from a partial hospitalization program or you can begin an IOP right away. Our intensive outpatient program requires only nine hours of therapeutic care each week which is why it’s a great solution if you work or go to school part-time but you still recognize that you need to take steps toward addressing your addiction. 

General Outpatient Program 

The general outpatient program at The Source is the most flexible treatment option that we offer. It requires only four hours of therapy per week which is why this is a favored treatment plan among clients that may have full-time work or school responsibilities. 

Alcohol Detox for Virginia Residents 

There are several stages associated with the detox process. One of the leading reasons why so many people make the decision to partner with The Source Treatment Center team is because we work quickly to set our clients up with a plan to attend detox that is local to the Virginia area. It’s critical that you reach out to us as soon as possible when you’re ready to make this commitment since detox symptoms can set in within a matter of hours from the time that you took your last drink. To ensure that you receive the help that you need, you will need to spend at least seven days in detox. 

Drug Detox for Residents of Virginia 

Similar to alcohol detox, there are countless benefits in making the decision to commit to a drug detox program before going through a comprehensive treatment program. Here are some of the reasons why our drug addiction experts believe that this is the best solution: 

Emotional Benefits 

The emotional benefits of working through a drug detox program are undeniable. It’s likely that you will experience a slew of emotions while you are working through the detox process. You may feel incredibly vulnerable which could lead you toward feeling as though you’re going to have a psychological breakdown. When you’re surrounded by a treatment team, however, you have a certain peace of mind of knowing that you aren’t alone in what you’re feeling. 

Immediate Physical Care 

During detox, you will feel a variety of psychological withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range in severity and may include nausea, shakiness, flu-like symptoms, cravings, and much more. In all, it’s likely that these symptoms will cause you to be unable to care for yourself during the initial week of your sobriety. Making the decision to work through a detox program will help you to gain a certain level of stability and care that you wouldn’t normally have. Keep in mind that withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly dangerous which is why you should never be alone during this stretch of time. 

Are you ready to take the first steps toward living a new and healthy life that is free of the influence of drugs or alcohol?  If the answer is yes, then The Source Treatment Center team is here and ready to help. Regardless of whether you need to begin your treatment journey in detox or you’re ready to commit to a recovery program, we can assist. Our addiction experts take the time to learn more about you so that we can help you to put together a treatment plan that benefits you. For more information, please reach out to us at (800) 204-1818

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call The Source today.  Our treatment specialists are available 24/7 to discuss your options and help you find the perfect solution (800) 204-0418.