When your world revolves around drugs or alcohol, it’s impossible for you to focus on anything else. While you may have had a job that you loved, your passion for your field will slowly but surely begin to diminish. Perhaps you had special relationships in your life, however, as a result of your addiction, this unique connection with these people has gone by the wayside. Although you may feel hopeless and helpless when it comes to the direction that your life has taken when it’s consumed by addiction, there is always a possibility for change when you partner with a top-rated outpatient addiction treatment center such as The Source, you can rest assured that you will receive all of the support and care that you need as you begin to make these changes in your life. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call The Source today.  Our treatment specialists are available 24/7 to discuss your options and help you find the perfect solution (800) 204-0418.

Can I Work During Outpatient Rehab? 

Maintaining work responsibilities is an understandable worry among many people that are thinking about whether or not they need to come to treatment. Many people mistakenly believe that the only way to receive treatment is to commit to an inpatient treatment program where they will be overly restricted in what they can and can’t do throughout their day. The reality is much different. When you decide to work with The Source Treatment Center team, you will have the flexibility to commit to an outpatient program that will allow you to work during the time that you’re in treatment. If you’re working or going to school when you initially reach out to our intake team, simply let us know so that we can help you to begin to develop an outpatient program from the moment that you reach out. 


What is Outpatient Drug Rehab Like? 

One of the common questions that our intake team receives revolves around what outpatient drug rehab in Austin is like. At The Source, we offer two different types of outpatient treatment programs: 

Intensive outpatient program 

A client that decides to work through an intensive outpatient program will need to commit to a minimum of nine hours of treatment per week. This is substantially less than the 25 hours of treatment per week that clients in a partial hospitalization program must complete. While you can always make the decision to come to an intensive outpatient program as your initial treatment program, you can also opt to transition into an intensive outpatient program at the end of your partial hospitalization program as well. 

General outpatient program 

Our general outpatient program is our most flexible recovery program. Clients will need to spend approximately three hours per week in group therapy and one hour per week in individual therapy in order to successfully complete their recovery program. While there is a special focus on relapse prevention in every treatment program that we help our clients develop, there is a special focus on relapse prevention when you work through a general outpatient because you will have an abundance of temptation around you. 

Regardless of whether you decide to commit to an intensive outpatient program or a general outpatient program, you will be able to choose the duration of your recovery plan. You can decide to work through a program that lasts for 30 days, 60 days or 90-days. Keep in mind that you can always extend your treatment plan at any time. 

What to Expect During Outpatient Rehab? 

Your experience in outpatient treatment will be unique to your individual needs. During the course of your plan, you can expect to take part in different forms of therapy that will help you to come to a better understanding of the events in your life that may have triggered that addiction. This is commonly referred to as the root cause of your addiction. In most cases, trauma is typically the root cause of a drug or alcohol addiction. In order for you to work through these root causes, you will be encouraged to actively participate in the following forms of therapy: 

Individual therapy 

During one on one therapy, you will meet with your addiction therapist in a personal setting which will give you the comfort that you need to talk about different aspects of your life that you may not feel comfortable talking about in a group environment. Also, you and your treatment team can assess your current recovery plan and make any changes that may be needed. 

Trauma therapy 

Trauma therapy is a form of counseling that is specifically designed to help those that have experienced severe forms of trauma work through these experiences in a healthier way. You will be able to heal from the negative impact of trauma in such a way where you will not be retraumatized by the experience of therapy. 

Group therapy 

Group therapy is a critical part of your recovery because it helps you not only work through your addiction but also make connections with others that are working through their own recovery program. You will also be able to focus on building your own system of support which can help you to face the difficult days that often come hand in hand with treatment and recovery. 

Family therapy 

Addiction can cause pain and anguish for any member of your family. When you participate in family therapy, you have the opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones in a neutral environment. As all of you begin to heal, you will come to find that their love and support are invaluable. 

Why Choose The Source? 

The Source Treatment Center provides every client with the opportunity to begin their lives over again. Our team understands the stress and the struggle that is associated with addiction. We provide you with the personalized attention that you need during this transitional time in your life. For more information about our outpatient treatment options for Austin residents, we encourage you to reach out to us today at (800) 204-1818.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call The Source today.  Our treatment specialists are available 24/7 to discuss your options and help you find the perfect solution (800) 204-0418.