Addiction Treatment That Gets to The Root Core of Addiction

There are many people that mistakenly believe that overcoming an addiction is as simple as never consuming your drug or drink of choice again. While abstaining from drugs or alcohol is a critical factor in your journey, it is not the end all be all when it comes to full and complete recovery.

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At The Source Treatment Center, we believe that the root core of your addiction revolves around a specific trauma or series of events that may have triggered your addiction. We pride ourselves in assisting our clients to put together a treatment plan that revolves around addressing the root core of your addiction which is typically generated from a traumatic event that happened during your life.

Why Choose The Source for Opioid Rehab?

An addiction to opioids is something that can have a crippling effect on every aspect of your life. When you choose to enroll in a treatment program through The Source Treatment Center, you can rest assured that you will be in excellent hands. We believe in taking an approach to recovery that incorporates a variety of factors, specifically the impact that a traumatic event may have had on your life and developing an addiction.

Amazing Staff

When you come to The Source for treatment, you can always count on an incredible staff of individuals to help you work your way through your recovery. Regardless of whether you decide to enroll in our partial hospitalization program, our intensive outpatient program, or our outpatient program, you can always count on our team to meet you with a smile on their face and a kind and caring tone in their voice.

Our team is continuously available to help you address any problems you are having and share in your achievements as you work your way through your treatment program. If there is ever anything more that we can do to make your time at The Source more successful, just let us know.

Fantastic Culture

At The Source, we pride ourselves on always promoting a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere for our clients. We work hard to provide you with the guidance and understanding that you need during the pivotal time in your life. Our team helps you to reassess your approach to recovery and addiction so that you can begin to focus on rebuilding a new and sober life.

Family Focused

One of the leading reasons why clients opt to come to The Source for addiction treatment is due to the fact that we provide you with a family-focused environment. From the moment that you walk through the door, you will feel as though you are understood and cared for regardless of your past history of addiction.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for the strains of addiction to filter through to the relationships that you have with your family members. When you are in the midst of active addiction, it’s impossible to maintain healthy relationships with the people around you. We also understand the important role that your family can play in your overall recovery which is why we provide you with the chance to reconnect and rebuild the relationships that you have with your family members.

Family therapy sessions are scheduled around a time that you and our team feel as though you are ready for them. They will take place in a neutral environment to ensure that both you and your family members feel calm and comfortable.

What Opioid Rehab is Like?

A standard question that we receive from many of our prospective clients revolves around what they will experience when they come to The Source for treatment. The answer to this question is dependent on a number of factors. If you decide to enroll in our inpatient program, also known as our partial hospitalization program, you will work your way through this program while residing in one of our luxurious houses. You will take part in a minimum of 25 hours of therapy per week during which time you will work on addressing the events and traumas in your life that may have triggered your addiction.

Of course, we realize that an inpatient program may not always be conducive for every client which is why we also offer the option of an intensive outpatient program or an outpatient program. Our intensive outpatient program is a step down from our partial hospitalization program. Instead of around the clock care, you will come to our treatment facility for a minimum of nine hours each week. Clients that decide to work through our outpatient program will come to our facility for at least four hours each week. Three of those hours will entail participation in group therapy with at least one hour of individual therapy.

Regardless of what treatment program you select, you will take part in a variety of therapy sessions that will help you come to the root cause of your addiction. These sessions will focus on the traumas or events in your life that may be unresolved that could have impacted your life in such a way that you developed an addiction. Although with group therapy and individual therapy, The Source also gives our clients the opportunity to take advantage of the latest cutting-edge advances in addiction therapy. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, traumatic incident reduction, and rapid resolution therapy are all examples of therapeutic techniques that can be incorporated into your treatment plan.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns about what you can expect when you come to The Source, our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer them.

How Long Does Rehab Last?

At drug rehab in Fort Lauderdale, we understand that every client is unique when it comes to their treatment needs which is why we judge the length of time that you need to remain in treatment with us based on your specific situation. As you work your way through your treatment plan, it’s important to remember that your addiction to opioids did not develop overnight. The typical treatment plan lasts anywhere from a few days to a few months to ensure that your issues with the traumas in your life are addressed and that you have a structured plan in place that will help you to avoid the possibility of relapse once you return back home.

A member of The Source team is available today to help you begin the process of enrolling in a treatment plan that will help you to overcome your addiction to opioids. Within 24 hours, we can have a plan in place for you to begin your treatment at our facility. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to speak to a member of our team today by calling (800) 204-0418.