Are you a Boynton Beach resident that is struggling with an addiction to drugs? Are you ready to overcome your addiction once and for all so that you can move on to live a healthier and more fulfilling life? The team at the Fort Lauderdale based treatment center, The Source, is here to assist.

What is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

There are many people that are unable to focus on their recovery due to their personal situation. Perhaps they live with a person that doesn’t understand the concept of addiction. Maybe they live in an area where they are continuously reminded of their addiction as soon as they walk out the door. If you fall into this category, you will greatly benefit from our partial hospitalization program at our Fort Lauderdale facility. This program provides you with the around the clock structure, care, and support that you need to overcome your addiction.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call The Source today.  Our treatment specialists are available 24/7 to discuss your options and help you find the perfect solution (800) 204-0418.

How Long Does Rehab Take?

It’s important to remember that an addiction to drugs does not develop overnight. This is the leading reason why our team never wants to put a timeline as to how long you will need to spend in our addiction program. At The Source, we take the opportunity to get to know you more and understand more about the events in your life that may have contributed to your addiction.

We realize that every person processes these traumatic events at their own pace. While there may be some clients that are ready to dive headfirst into the reasons that may have led to their addiction and undergo drug detox in Boynton Beach, there are other people who know that they have an addiction, but it will take time for them to come to a true understanding of how trauma may have impacted the rest of their life.

What is Outpatient Rehab?

We understand that every client doesn’t necessarily have the flexibility to go through our partial hospitalization program which is why we also developed our outpatient programs. Our programs use a combination of traditional as well as therapies that will specifically help you to work through the emotions and ramifications of experiencing different types of therapy.

Our general outpatient program requires a minimum of four hours of treatment per week. At least three of those hours will involve participating in group therapy. If you have ever attended a 12-step meeting before, you will quickly notice that group therapy is very similar. During group therapy, you will have the opportunity to begin to open up to other people that may have had experiences that were close to yours. For example, if you were a first responder, it’s possible that there may be other first responders in your group that went through their own painful experiences. Actively sharing during group therapy and listening to when other people share will help you to develop your own system of support which is vital to your recovery.

Individual therapy will also play an important aspect of your recovery regardless of whether you decide to enroll in our outpatient program or our partial hospitalization program. These one-on-one therapy sessions help our team to have a better understanding of what you are thinking and feeling as you work through your program. We can talk with you in greater detail about events in your life that may have contributed to your addiction, but you don’t feel comfortable talking about in a group setting yet. Additionally, we can make any adjustments to your treatment plan during these sessions.


There are countless benefits to our intensive outpatient program, also known as IOP. Instead of remaining in one of our luxurious residential homes, you will have the freedom to come to our campus around a set schedule for a minimum of 9 hours of treatment per week. The focus of this program will not only be to address the traumas in your life but it will also revolve around putting together a relapse prevention plan.

This program will incorporate different forms of therapy that are also part of our partial hospitalization program. One of the leading reasons why many clients decide to come to The Source for their treatment is due to the fact that we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of multiple cutting-edge trauma treatment therapies. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, also known as EMDR, as well as traumatic incident reduction, also known as TIR, are examples of the types of therapy that we offer at The Source.


When possible, we will strongly recommend that you work through our partial hospitalization program. There are countless benefits of this program. First and foremost, our partial hospitalization program provides you with access to The Source team around the clock. If you feel as though you are having a bad day or you are truly struggling with your sobriety, you can contact us at any time to walk you through these feelings and emotions.

Clients that decide to enroll in our partial hospitalization program have the peace of mind of knowing that they will be walking into a home away from home when they are at one of our luxurious residential locations. When you are not in therapy, you can rest assured that you will have all the comforts of home as well as quick and easy access to the beach where you can reflect on your day.

A member of The Source is available right now to help you begin the process of enrolling in a treatment plan that will help you to overcome your addiction. We encourage you to take advantage of this call so that you finally take the steps that you need to take toward living a sober life. For many of our clients, we will be able to have you set up to begin a treatment program within 24 hours of the time that you reach out to us. You can call us today at (800) 204-0418