Drug Addiction & Treatment

What is the difference between drug abuse and drug addiction? 

It’s always possible for drug abuse to turn into full blown drug addiction. While this is usually the path that a person takes, there is a possibility that a person may not fall into the trap of drug addiction based off of their drug abuse. Drug abuse could still be potentially harmful as well and cause a person to make decisions that they may not otherwise make if they weren’t under the influence of that drug.  

What are the symptoms of drug addiction?

There are several symptoms that a person may be grappling with an addiction to drugs. For instance, if they begin to become anti-social or experience erratic shifts in mood of behavior, experience difficulties maintaining their job as a result of their drug use or they have lost relationships with their friends or family as a result of it, it’s possible that they may be suffering from more than just drug abuse and that they have transitioned over into drug addiction. .

How does drug addiction start?

The reason why a person develops a drug addiction for several reasons. In many cases, drug addiction is the result of a person experiencing some form of trauma in their life that may not have been properly addressed. When you come for drug rehab, you will have the opportunity to dive headfirst into the root causes of your addiction and work through them so that they aren’t something that holds you back anymore.

How do you prevent drug addiction?

It’s possible for a person to develop a drug addiction at any point in their life. The only true way to prevent drug addiction is to never consume a substance and educate yourself on addiction.

How do you get help for drug addiction?

Reaching out for help from an experienced team of addiction professionals is the best way for you to receive help from your addiction. An intake team will be able to answer any of the questions you have about coming for treatment so that you can make the decision in terms of which treatment program and facility are best for you.

How is drug addiction treated?

Drug addiction is treated through participating in different forms of therapy through a drug rehab program. If you decide to come to The Source, you will participate in individual therapy, behavioral therapy, trauma-based therapy, group therapy, and even family therapy when you come to a place in your treatment where you are ready for this step.

Can drug addiction be cured?

Drug addiction is something that can be cured, however, it requires work to maintain your sobriety for the rest of your life. Working through a drug addiction program, going to different 12 step meetings, and making connections with other people that can help you to remain focused on your sobriety are all things that you must do to remove the negative impact of drug addiction from your life.

How does drug addiction affect relationships?

A full blown drug addiction could fundamentally break down the relationships that you hold near and dear. However, when you work through a drug treatment program, you will learn what steps you can take to put these important relationships back together.

Can a marriage survive drug addiction?

There is always the possibility that your marriage could survive drug addiction. However, it’s important to note that both you and your spouse should reach out for help and support to ensure that your marriage stays together. The spouse that is impacted by the addiction must take the time to commit to a comprehensive drug rehab program while the sober spouse must find his or her own system of support. This is something that a drug treatment team can assist both of you with.

How do you stage an intervention for drug addiction?

If you would like help or guidance in staging an intervention, the first thing that you should do is to reach out to an addiction treatment center that can provide you with the resources and the guidance that you need to navigate you and your loved ones through the process. There are several steps that you should take to prepare yourself for the intervention, especially since there is always the possibility that your loved one may not be open to it. Reaching out for professional help is a step that you should always take.