Alcohol Addiction

What is the Definition of an Alcoholic?

An alcoholic is defined as a person that does not have control over their alcohol consumption. An alcoholic has both a psychological and physical compulsion to addiction. For example, if you can’t go more than a certain amount of hours without drinking, if the thoughts of drinking consume your mind or if you begin to shake if you don’t drink at a certain point, there is a high likelihood that you may be an alcoholic. 

What is a High Functioning Alcoholic?

There is a common misconception that when a person is struggling with addiction, it’s highly noticeable. However, there are many alcoholics that are able to hide their addiction and still perform their normal tasks throughout the day. They purposely wait until a certain point in their day to drink and this may result in no one being aware that there is a serious problem in the background. This is known as being a high functioning alcoholic.

Where Can I Find Advice for Living with an Alcoholic?

Even if you aren’t personally struggling with alcoholism, The Source team is still here to provide friends and family members with the resources that they need to help them manage the impact of alcoholism. When you reach out to us, we are always happy to provide you with insight to help you to maintain your own physical and psychological well-being.

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

It is possible that alcoholism can be hereditary. For example, if you have a direct family member that has struggled with their own addiction to alcohol, there is higher likelihood that you may develop your own alcohol addiction. When you come to The Source for treatment, it’s important that you let us know if there is a history of alcoholism in your family so that we can better help you. 

What is Alcoholism Withdrawal Like?

Alcohol withdrawal sets in within a few hours of the last time that you drank. At that point, your mind and body will go into somewhat of a tailspin. You may experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms including nausea, shakiness, and increased anxiety. The unpredictability regarding the symptoms and their severity is the leading reason why you should never try to go through the detox process by yourself.

What is the Connection Between Alcoholism and Depression?

Although you may feel happy and carefree during the time that you are under the influence of alcohol, the reality is that alcohol is actually a depressant. Once the effect of the alcohol wears off, you may quickly notice that you feel worse both psychologically and physically then when you first started to drink. This can result in the development of depression.

What are the Physical Symptoms of Alcoholism?

Physical symptoms of alcoholism come in many shapes and forms. For instance, a person suffering from alcoholism may begin to put the importance of their personal hygiene on the backburner. Additionally, that person may start to have a more haggard appearance, their skin may begin to change, and circles may develop under their eyes.

What is Treatment for Alcoholism Like?

Your treatment for alcoholism will primarily focus on participating in different forms of therapy so that you can come to the root cause of your addiction and put together a plan to prevent relapse. At The Source, you will experience a mix of therapeutic techniques including individual therapy, group therapy as well as trauma-based therapies.

What are Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Like?

Alcoholic Anonymous meetings closely resemble the group therapy sessions that you will experience during your treatment. During AA meetings, you will have the chance to listen and share with other people that are working on their own recovery. We strongly encourage our clients to attend as many AA meetings as possible so that they can begin to grow their own system of support.

What are the Causes of Alcoholism?

At The Source, we believe that alcoholism is a direct result of some type of trauma that you experienced during your life. Whether this trauma came from being a first responder to a particularly heartbreaking scene or you experienced physical or psychological trauma, these experiences could easily trigger an addiction if the emotions associated with them are not addressed. 

Is There Medication for Alcoholism?

There have been tremendous strides made when it comes to treatment options for a person with alcoholism. Today, there are several medications that can not only help you get through the detox process more easily, but there are also medications that can help you to manage your cravings. Your medication choices are something that we can discuss with you when you come to The Source. 

What are the Early Signs of Alcoholism?

There are several signs of early alcoholism. For example, if you are concerned about a loved one and you notice that suddenly that person is drinking more and, in turn, their behavior is becoming more erratic when they do, this could be indicative of a growing problem. 

What are the Traits of Children of Alcoholic Parents?

Unfortunately, children are often directly impacted by their parents drinking. Therefore, there is a higher possibility that children of alcoholic parents may develop their own addiction. Often, children of alcoholic parents struggle with anxiety or self-assurance as they continue to grow which can cause them to suffer in certain ways. 

What Does It Mean to be a Recovering Alcoholic?

When you are actively participating in a treatment program and you continue to maintain your sobriety by receiving the care and support that you need once you are done, you are categorized as being a recovering alcoholic. Keep in mind that you will always be an alcoholic because you will always have a compulsion for drinking. However, when you are a recovering alcoholic, you no longer let those impulses control you. 

What are the Signs You’re an Alcoholic?

There are several signs associated with alcoholism. Sudden anti-social tendencies, issues in maintaining relationships and problems in your professional life as a result of your drinking are all signs that you may be an alcoholic. Remember, if you have concerns about yourself or a loved one The Source team is always available to speak with you so that you can get the help that you need.