When you’re addicted to drugs it may feel as though your life is one continuous black hole. Slowly but surely, your day begins to revolve around your drug of choice. As time goes by, the things that were once important to you begin to fall by the wayside. For example, you may begin to lose interest in maintaining relationships with friends or family members and your professional life may begin to falter.

If you’re tired of being stuck in the continuous cycle of addiction and you live in the Delray Beach area, The Source Treatment Center team is here to help you. The addiction experts at our Fort Lauderdale treatment facility take the time to get to know more about you so that we can collaborate with you to put a treatment plan together that is individualized to suit your needs. From the moment that you reach out to us, you will undoubtedly feel the difference in our approach toward addiction recovery.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call The Source today.  Our treatment specialists are available 24/7 to discuss your options and help you find the perfect solution (800) 204-0418.

What is Inpatient Drug Rehab

Many of our drug detox in Delray Beach clients have continued to struggle with addiction due to the fact that they do not live in an environment that is conducive to recovery. Unfortunately, this aspect of their everyday life is something that can negatively impact their recovery overall. If you feel as though you fall into this category, our staff can coordinate with you to enroll you in our partial hospitalization program which can provide you with the structure that you need to truly focus on your sobriety and recovery.

How Long Does Rehab Take?

Before you begin treatment, it’s important to remember that your addiction did not develop overnight. Although it’s true that some addictions take hold rather quickly, for many people, addiction is something that grows over a period of months and years. Therefore, it’s not enough to plan to spend just a day or two at our treatment center.

For the majority of our clients, we can work to have you set up with a treatment program within 24-hours of the time that you initially reached out to us. Although the timeframe for each program is different, our clients typically work with us for a period of 30, 60 or 90-days. Keep in mind that this does not include any of our aftercare programs.

For example, our Alumni Program was specifically created to provide additional support for clients that have completed their initial recovery program. We will provide you with information regarding different events throughout the year specifically for our alumni clients and give you the chance to attend an extended group meeting once per month. Once you get closer to the end of your treatment program, a member of our team can speak with you more about our Alumni Program.

What is Outpatient Rehab?

As one of the leading treatment facilities in the Fort Lauderdale area, we understand that some of our clients may not be able to commit to a partial hospitalization program or even an intensive outpatient program. This may be due to personal or professional responsibilities that they simply must adhere to. For these clients, we offer the opportunity to enroll in our general outpatient program. To successfully complete this program, we will require that you commit yourself to a minimum of four hours of treatment at our facility per week. Three of those hours will be spent in group therapy and one hour will be spent in individual therapy. The main goal of outpatient treatment is to help you not only overcome your addiction but provide you with the tools that you need to resist temptation and prevent relapse.


An intensive outpatient program, also short for IOP, is an in between program between our general outpatient program and our partial hospitalization program. Delray Beach clients that decide to take advantage of our intensive outpatient program will come to our Fort Lauderdale facility for a minimum of 9 hours per week.

Intensive outpatient clients will still participate in the same forms of treatment as our general outpatient clients as well as our partial hospitalization program. You will work closely with our team to begin to examine the events in your life that may have triggered your addiction. For example, if you were a first responder, it’s possible that responding to a call may have led to your addiction because there may have been emotions associated with that event that you were unable to manage. Our team provides you with the safe environment that you need to begin to speak about those events so that the memory is not something that cripples you going forward.


Our partial hospitalization program was specifically designed for our Delray Beach clients that require around the clock care. Not only will you participate in different forms of therapy throughout your day but you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you have a sober place to stay during the course of your treatment. We will set you up to live in one of our luxurious single-family residences where you will have the opportunity to walk along the beach, workout or simply reflect on your day. Remember, if there is anything that we can do to make your time in our partial hospitalization program more successful, just let us know and we will do everything that we can to accommodate.

At The Source, we strive to provide you with the personalized care and attention that you need as you begin to navigate through the ins and outs of recovery. Regardless of your drug of choice or the severity of your addiction, you can count on the team at The Source to provide you with the resources that you need to begin to overcome your addiction. A dedicated member of our staff is available around the clock to help you begin the process of enrolling in one of our treatment options or to answer any of your questions. Please reach out to us today at (800) 204-0418