The Harmful Effects of Smoking Weed While Pregnant

Why Expectant Mothers Need Drug Rehabs for Pregnant Women in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

At The Source drug rehabs for pregnant women in Fort Lauderdale, Florida we see the effects of marijuana on expectant mothers and their unborn babies. We understand that this is a much undeserved population that needs drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. There is a perception that smoking weed is not that bad!

How many times have you heard someone say “it’s only weed?” Whereas medical marijuana definitely has its proper place, being consumed by pregnant women is not one of them. Unfortunately, many women are unaware of the Harmful Effects of Smoking Weed While Pregnant. The simple fact is that when it comes to an unborn fetus, any type of intoxicant in any quantity – regardless of how small it might be, can be harmful. 

In this article, we will discuss the raw truth about the effects of smoking weed while pregnant. While many women probably don’t want to hear it, THC – the psycho-active ingredient in marijuana can be dangerous to unborn babies and infants alike. Moms-to-be have asked lots of questions, and in this article we have answers!

What is Marijuana and Why Can the Effects of Smoking Weed While Pregnant be Dangerous?

a picture of a baby on an expectant mothers belly explaining the needs for drug rehabs for pregnant women in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

The Source Treatment CEnter drug rehabs for pregnant women in Fort Lauderdale has heard all the code names for marijuana. Marijuana has a lot of nicknames including;

  • weed
  • pot
  • cannabis
  • Mary Jane

Marijuana is a drug that originates from the cannabis plant and can be;

  • smoked
  • vaped
  • eaten in the form of a tincture, capsule, candy, or even in a favorite recipe

Marijuana is still considered illegal in many parts of the United States. But most states now allow marijuana use for medical purposes, (by prescription only). Several states now allow the sale of marijuana for recreational use. The chief active chemical in marijuana is called “delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),”  which is what creates the psycho-effect. Another major element of marijuana is called cannabidiol; which is commonly known as CBD.

FACT: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strongly suggests that the Effects of Smoking Weed While Pregnant may be Dangerous.

What Has Our Drug Rehabs for Pregnant Women in Fort Lauderdale Learned about the Effects of Smoking Weed While Pregnant?

We’ve noticed at our drug rehabs for pregnant women in Flori Lauderdale, Florida that studying the effects of smoking weed while pregnant, presents several challenges.  Marijuana comprises nearly 400 different chemicals, and sometimes it can be contaminated with other drugs, pesticides, and other foreign compounds. Typically, studies focused on women who inhaled marijuana as opposed to ingesting it. From what we now know, edibles could lead to stronger levels of THC in the body. Research has also shown that THC in today’s marijuana is stronger than it was years ago. This indicates that past studies may not accurately reflect the possible risks for current marijuana users.

Some women who smoke weed while pregnant have other risk factors that may include tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, or other drugs, and they might lack prenatal care. Finally, collecting accurate data on the amount of weed consumed during pregnancy can be challenging for researchers. This explains why studies on the effects of smoking weed while pregnant often display different results.

Can Smoking Weed Make it Harder to get Pregnant?

Stefani Davis, a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) has stated that “Any person who is pregnant or contemplating pregnancy should be encouraged to discontinue their use of marijuana by their medical provider.” She further states, “Counseling women on the potential effects of marijuana on their reproductive health is of utmost importance as they consider pregnancy, as early education could save them from stress and complications of infertility that could have been avoided without the use of marijuana.”

Additionally, research indicates that long-term use of marijuana could affect the menstrual cycle, making it more difficult to get pregnant. However, the effects on fertility do not appear to be long term and usually dissipate when marijuana use is stopped.

Do the Effects of Smoking Weed while Pregnant Increase the risk of a Miscarriage?


Simply stated, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that approximately 1 in 20 American women report using marijuana while pregnant and the intake of THC could cause the unborn fetus developmental problems and/or cause miscarriage.

Unfortunately, a miscarriage can occur in any type of pregnancy. Numerous studies indicate that the Effects of Smoking Weed while Pregnant can increase the risk of having a miscarriage. However, there are studies that have not confirmed this finding. Additionally, most of the research on the effects of smoking weed while pregnant focuses on the mother.

But what about the father’s smoking weed? Several studies indicate a link between men smoking weed and having a lower sperm count. Therefore, even the father’s use or abuse of weed can play a role in a baby’s development.

Do the Effects of Smoking Weed while Pregnant in the First Trimester Affect Child Development?

child development is hampered when cannibals is being used by pregnant mothers

Our sister rehabilitation centers, The Source drug rehabs Fort Lauderdale, Florida has helped do some research on addiction. Statistics indicate that all pregnancies carry a 3-5% chance of a baby having a birth defect. Most credible studies do not find an increased chance of birth defects among babies exposed to “occasional” marijuana use.

Some other studies do indicate a minor increase for a rare birth defect called gastroschisis. This can cause the infants’ intestines to protrude from an opening in the abdominal wall. In any case though, it can be difficult to draw conclusions from these studies due to data limitations.

Although most studies do not indicate increased rates of birth defects, without accurate data among heavy marijuana users, determining the effects of smoking weed while pregnant is difficult. When considering that today’s marijuana is thought to be considerably stronger, and due to other potential complications, experts agree that it is best to avoid marijuana during pregnancy.

However, NCBI did a study on Cannabis use during pregnancy and the effects on child development. The results are extremely alarming. There are many developmental issues for the baby that stay with him or her for their life. Many of these will cause struggles and difficulties in life.

Does Marijuana use during the Second or Third Trimester Cause Complications?

how the third trimester is affected by marijuana use in pregnant women and females.

Conceivably yes. As with cigarettes, smoking marijuana can increase the bloods’ carbon monoxide, resulting in a decrease in the amount of oxygen that is transmitted to the baby. There are studies that suggest women who smoke marijuana regularly have an increased chance of complications that may include:

  • premature birth
  • low birth weight
  • small length
  • small head size
  • stillbirth

Babies born prematurely or with low birth weight often have an increased rate of learning, and other disabilities. Some studies show that the more THC a woman ingested, the effects of smoking weed while pregnant presented a higher her risk of these complications. However, additional research is needed to reach a cohesive conclusion.

Another concern is that THC could affect the placenta. The placenta is the organ that controls what passes from mother to baby and baby to mother. Research has demonstrated that its possible for THC to travel through the placenta during pregnancy reaching the baby’s system.

What are the Effects of Smoking Weed While Pregnant on Breastfeeding?

Ingesting THC in any form while breastfeeding, can allow the drug to be detected in breast milk. In recent studies, researchers determined that breastfed babies could ingest 2.5% of the mother’s THC dose. THC can remain in mother’s milk for 6 days to 6 weeks. Research has not clearly demonstrated any health concerns other than a potential delay in motor development (learning to crawl and walk on time) when a woman smokes weed on a daily basis. As a baby’s brain continues to develop while being breastfed, some experts are concerned over the possible negative impacts this drug may have on an infant when a mother uses it during breastfeeding.

Other factors to consider include potential legal implications. If a breastfed baby tests positive for marijuana, it can be concluded that the mother is using the drug and therefore endangering the baby. Additionally, exposing the breastfed baby to other potential lethal substances may be considered neglect and/or abuse.

Don’t let the Effects of Smoking Weed While Pregnant Affect your Unborn Child

In this article, we have discussed the harmful effects of smoking weed while pregnant in an honest and open way. We have received help from our sister drug rehabs in Fort Lauderdale. Most experts agree that using marijuana or using any other recreational drugs while pregnant is a bad idea. Not only can it cause birth defects, but can also cause premature birth and even miscarriage. Many researchers have even equated the effects smoking weed while pregnant to that of smoking tobacco. 

But the bottom line is this: the majority of researchers are still unsure of how weed affects a fetus. So as most medical experts recommend, common sense would also suggest refraining from smoking weed during pregnancy.

If you or someone you know is pregnant and has an issue with substance abuse we can help. The Source drug rehabs for pregnant women in Fort Laudedale, Florida. We are drug and alcohol addiction treatment specialists with a proven track record of fostering long-term recovery. Check out our Google reviews and become part of our family. Reach out now at (800) 204-0418. We can help you and your unborn child lead a happy and health life.