Pregnant Mom Finds Healing and Support at The Source Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale

The Source Addiction Treatment Center Pregnant Mom Finds Healing and Support at The Source Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale Miami Drug Rehab

How The Source’s Addiction Treatment Programs Help Pregnant Women Find Recovery From Addiction

At The Source in Fort Lauderdale, we provide unmatched care and compassion to everyone who reaches out to us for help no matter where they are in life. A recent client, Tess, came to us during an unplanned pregnancy. She was scared and feeling broken in every way possible. We wholeheartedly welcomed Tess into The Source family, and we relished the opportunity to help her during such a critical time in her life. 

“I was greeted with love, compassion, and unending support. In addition to the beautiful housing, they took me to all my prenatal appointments, got me what I needed for my pregnancy when I had nothing, and most of all gave me hope that change was possible,” Tess said.

The Source provides a safe and nurturing environment in which families can heal during alcohol or drug rehab. Most people come to us feeling traumatized, unloved, OR even unlovable. But we firmly believe no one is too far gone into addiction. We understand how trauma and the lasting stress it causes often contribute to substance use, and we can help you process the driving forces behind your addiction through a variety of individualized therapies. 

Healing Families at The Source

Like many who come to The Source for treatment, Tess was dealing with damaged relationships with family. 

“I had burned every bridge with my loved ones and desperately needed help,” she said. 

The negative impacts of addiction are far-reaching, and the damage caused to family relationships can be one of the worst consequences. At The Source in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we find that most addicts are desperate for healing these broken relationships and fear they’ve caused damage that’s beyond repair. 

Fortunately, for clients like Tess, we know that families are usually just as anxious to mend broken bonds and are eager to be involved in therapy once they know their loved one is seeking the help they need. 

Family therapy plays a central role in treatment at The Source. Even though the process isn’t always easy, our experience shows that patients are much more likely to recover when they support their families. We know there is hope for even the most strained family ties. For Tess, family support was significant since she had a baby on the way. Fortunately, she and her family were able to find the healing they all craved. 

“They helped me rebuild broken relationships with my family, for which I will be eternally grateful, and let go of bad habits that were taking me out,” she said.

What Makes The Source Unique: Loving Care and Personalized Support

The Source remains dedicated to providing a compassionate and personalized approach to recovery. Everyone who comes to us for treatment is welcomed into our loving family environment. 

For Tess, finding and reaching out for help from The Source proved to be one of the best decisions she made after becoming addicted.

“I can honestly say that The Source is by far the best treatment center I’ve ever been to,” she said. “Why? Because they aren’t all about the money like most rehabs, and they genuinely care about each and every one of their clients. It’s truly incredible. I came in after an unplanned pregnancy. I was scared and broken in every way possible. What I found far exceeded my expectations. I was greeted with love, compassion, and unending support.”

At The Source, we understand the negative impact that drugs and alcohol have on people’s lives. Most of us are on our own recovery journeys, so we know our clients’ pain and suffering are often experiencing. We also know that the key to successful treatment centers around loving care personalized to meet each client’s unique needs. We help people explore and understand the “why” behind their addiction, and we work hand-in-hand to heal the trauma and underlying conditions that led clients to where they are. 

Finding Excitement for Motherhood

Clients and staff share in the joys and pains of recovery at our addiction treatment center. One of our greatest joys in working with Tess was seeing her find excitement for her future and motherhood.

“I come out today with nearly six months sober, something I never felt was possible. I also have a new sense of purpose, my family back in my life, and a newfound excitement for motherhood and a future I never thought existed,” Tess stated.

Helping our clients find the joy and freedom that comes from being in recovery is a great gift. If you are struggling under addiction’s weight, our staff would love to share our experience, strength, and hope with you. We’re ready to welcome you with open arms. Please contact us today to start the journey to recovery or visit our Fort Lauderdale location.