“I Feel Like I Will Always Be Part of Their Family”, Recent Client Thanks The Source Addiction Treatment Center

Recent Client Thanks The Source Addiction Treatment Center

Substance use disorder, or more commonly known as addiction, is an isolating mental health disorder. It can make a person feel like they are alone and through their behavior, while abusing drugs or alcohol, they may push people who care about them out of their life unintentionally. It’s therefore common for people with addiction to find it difficult to find people who will truly support them through their recovery.

John B., a recent client of The Source, wrote a 5-star Google review of the addiction treatment center where he spoke about how the staff truly cared about him during his recovery. He spoke about the significant difference that it made in his life.

John was experiencing severe depression which made him feel alone and isolated from others. During his time at our addiction treatment facility in Fort Lauderdale, he was embraced by our expert team of healthcare workers and technicians. For John, it made all the difference.

Treating the Person and Not Just the Addiction

At The Source, we look to treat the addiction that a person is suffering from but we also approach the situation holistically; we understand how important it is to help the person, too. We treat each person that enters our doors like a part of our family, adding to the support that is needed to overcome addiction and mental health disorders.

“I am eternally grateful for the time spent here, and the people I was able to meet”, John wrote in his 5-star review of The Source. “One staff member I have to mention is a tech named Caileigh. She took a personal interest in me and went out of her way to help lift me out of severe depression”.

It’s easy for rehabs to say that they care, but few are able to show that they care. The support that John needed to overcome his depression, which was intertwined with his addiction, he found in abundance at The Source. He carried on to say how impactful it was for Caileigh to share her personal experiences and how her story and support became a source of inspiration for him. It motivated him to seek a better life for himself, a sober life.

Having the support of loved ones during recovery is important. At The Source, even if you don’t have people in your life at this moment that truly care about you, our team cares and we will do everything in our power to help you to make a breakthrough, to find the motivation and love that is needed to break the cycle of substance abuse in a sustainable way.

Our Recovery Family

John concluded his 5-star review by saying, “I consider everyone at The Source my friends. Not friends, actually, family”. The outstanding team at our rehab center became like family to John as they do with everyone who comes seeking help for their substance use disorder and mental health.

Addiction treatment at The Source is truly comprehensive. We approach each case individually, matching a person’s recovery needs with the right addiction treatment and support from our recovery family. If you are struggling with addiction and mental health issues, then our addiction treatment center can lead you down the road to long-term recovery through not only our multidisciplinary expertise but also the abundance of support, kindness, and compassion that you’ll receive from our team.

Call The Source today to find the support, understanding, and comprehensive addiction treatment services you need to break free from addiction.