Healthy Living in Recovery: Best Places to go Hiking in Philadelphia

The Source Addiction Treatment Center - Healthy Living in Recovery Best Places to go Hiking in Philadelphia

Benefits of Hiking for People in Recovery from Addiction

Spending time in the great outdoors is therapeutic in its own right, but it can also greatly benefit your recovery.  Whether living in Philadelphia or elsewhere, benefits of hiking in recovery include:

  • Exercise.  Hiking outside improves lung function and circulation, which can be particularly beneficial to smokers.  Hiking also increases the brain’s production of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins; all of which help us feel happy and content. 
  • Hiking has been shown to lower blood pressure, and decrease the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases.
  • Being outside gives your body the chance to soak up extra Vitamin D, which is responsible for bone health and a healthy immune system. 
  • Making hiking part of a fitness routine can improve the quality of sleep.
  • Hiking can help maintain a healthy weight.
  • Improves cognitive functioning.

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Benefits of Hiking for Mental Health

Hiking not only benefits your physical health but has been shown to improve mental health as well.  

  • Being in nature decreases stress and anxiety by giving you the opportunity to admire the beauty around you, and focus on the present.
  • Hiking can increase your attention span because it forces you to be mindful of where you are, where you’re going, and everything around you.
  • Hiking gives you a chance to get out and meet new people.

Learning to Have Fun Without Drugs or Alcohol

For most people, recovery means that you have had to cut ties with people and places that no longer serve your best interest.  This can be a lonely and despairing time for some, but there is so much greatness in the world to discover!  Try to look at this as an opportunity to find new fun hobbies that will fill your life with a feeling of purpose and happiness. 

Best Hiking in Philadelphia 

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

8601 Lindbergh Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 

This park is America’s first urban refuge and has an impressive 10 miles of flat trails surrounding their beautiful marshes.  When looking for a great spot for hiking in Philadelphia, this definitely makes our top 3 list.

Ridley Creek State Park

1023 Sycamore Mills Rd. Media, PA 19063

Home to a 300-year-old working farm and an 18th-century mill village, this historic landmark will surely ignite your passion for the outdoors.  With 2,600 acres and 13 miles of hiking trails available for you to explore, you may find yourself wondering why you didn’t take up hiking sooner!


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Valley Forge National Historical Park 

1400 N Outer Line Dr.  King of Prussia, PA 

This historic national park has nearly 20 miles of hiking trails and restored structures dating all the way back to the American Revolutionary War. It makes for a great spot for hiking in Philadelphia.


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