Fort Lauderdale Woman Thanks The Source Treatment Center for Helping Her Husband Overcome Alcohol Use Disorder

Fort Lauderdale Woman Turns to The Source Addiction Treatment Center to Help Her Husband Heal Past Trauma and Overcome Alcoholism for Good

Compassionate Care at The Source

The Source Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is home to inviting and supportive staff that take great pride in providing the best possible care to each client.  Everyone that walks through their door is treated as family and is sure to feel right at home in their beautiful, resort-like facility. 

Recently, they received a five-star review on Google, raving about the kindness and support a family received while her husband received alcohol addiction treatment at The Source.  Nancy stated, “From Bill’s accepting us into the program, to Randy who explained the program to me and my husband, to Chris and Wayne (therapists who consider what they do, not a job, but a calling) and all of the loving lives who treated us like we were the only clients they have or would ever have, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the care and support for both of us!  I will be eternally grateful!  God Bless all of you and know that YOU make a difference.” 

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This powerful testament speaks volumes to the caring hearts who work there and their efforts to ensure everyone is adequately supported.  From intake to the completion of the program, client’s families are encouraged to be involved in developing treatment plans, participate in family therapy, attend AL ANON meetings, and be a source of comfort for their loved one.  The Source understands how addiction, and behaviors associated with it, can damage relationships and leave people feeling hurt and alone.  For this reason, they may advise that family interaction be delayed a little bit to give everyone a chance to get settled into the changes the family is collectively experiencing.

Fort Lauderdale Woman Turns to The Source Addiction Treatment Center to Help Her Husband Heal Past Trauma and Overcome Alcoholism for Good - The Source

Trauma Therapies at The Source

Nancy went on to say, “I married a true heart that loves me so very much, but his past traumas would not let him live alcohol free.  No matter how hard he tried, he failed to remain sober.”  The Source believes that everyone struggling with addiction has experienced some form of trauma during their lifetime, so treatment is designed to address and treat this as well as the addiction.  Research has shown that when trauma is addressed in addiction treatment there is greater success in recovery.  Trauma therapies offered at The Source include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR), and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT).  Each of these have been proven to quickly and effectively decrease the symptoms associated with trauma and better equip clients to face the challenges in early recovery.  In addition to trauma therapies, clients will also receive other, more traditional therapies, gourmet meals, and weekend trips to the beach.

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